One Card Readings – more Confusion than Clarity?

One card readings

One card readings

I’m quite often asked by my visitors to draw a message card for them. Being very much aware that one card readings create more confusion than clarity, I’m reluctant to do so.

Certainly Tarot readers pick so-called significator cards during a reading. However this first draw is quickly clarified afterwards by spreads containing more cards. The practice of drawing a daily card for ourselves is also popular and not only among the professional Tarot readers.

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I’ve been doing it from the beginning of the Nineties, when I started my Tarot studies. It helps me a lot to get tuned on the energies of a new day. I would feel extremely uncomfortable if I had to start my day without it. But – what a difference – my daily card is clarified afterwards by a seven-card spread. This shows me the adjustment I need to make on an emotional, intellectual level, the actions I need to take so that I can handle the challenges of the day more effectively.

One card readings

I have a very good reason to make a clarification reading. Tarot cards (in fact all the cards, including Gypsy Cards, Lenormand Cards, Angel Cards, etc.) work on the principle of bringing the contents of the unconscious to the surface. The unconscious stores the memories of the past, the tendencies of the future, our hopes, fears, expectations and projections. Only a whole spread (a special arrangement of the cards during a reading) can reflect the complexity of these interrelations so that we can make conclusions about possible outcomes. Thus Tarot spreads can be seen as the text messages of our unconscious. Trying to understand a situation or the dynamics of a relationship from a single card is the same as if we tried to understand the content of a complete text message by picking a single letter from it.

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One card readings – what’s the case…

No wonder that a one card reading can be very confusing. Generally the card that has been drawn has to do much more with the current situation of the person than with a possible future outcome. Apart from the hopes, fears, expectations and projections it can also indicate what is missing from their lives. But it’s hard to actually define what the case is. For instance once I drew the Nine of Cups for somebody, the card of contentment and happiness. Being aware of the challenges and restrictions of that Astrological period I asked the lady if the card did really apply to her circumstances, only to find out that contentment and happiness were the actual things missing from her life as she went through real hardships. Certainly further readings helped her find a way out.

one card readings

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