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Tarot Card – Teaching

As a tarot reader I get asked a lot about teaching others to read tarot card for themselves or their friends and family. There is always a lot of confusion about what the best method is, or what books are best for learning. When teaching a beginner reader I always stress the importance of having fun with it. Try not to fall into the trap of having to follow a certain set of rules or trying to figure out how to remember another reader’s methods. If you start that way, it’s certain you’ll end up putting your cards away and never picking them up again.

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Tarot cards are used as a tool by psychics and mediums to help guide them during readings and to maybe catch up on something they wouldn’t have been caught up on otherwise.

The first thing to do when starting out learning how to read tarot cards is to buy a deck that suits you. Find a deck that catches your eye and feels good in your hands. Sometimes people like the way a deck looks; if the images feel comfortable or inviting. Some people just like the way the deck feels in their hands, perhaps because of the size of the deck or the weight of the cards.

Tarot card

Tarot Card – Play

After choosing your deck, now what? Shuffle them, play with them, lay them out and look at them. Pick them up and repeat. Spend some time with your tarot deck. Look at the pictures and enjoy the way each one makes you feel. Not every card will speak to you in the beginning, but eventually the more time you spend with the cards, the more comfortable you will become with the different images, numbers and suits.

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Start by laying a card down and then ask yourself what it means to you. Once you become comfortable with that practice, lay three cards down and try to tell a story with those cards. Learning tarot is all about trusting your intuition and the more time you spend playing with your cards, the easier it becomes to trust yourself and your reading abilities.

Tarot card

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