Moon Power I – The Waxing Cycle – A Time for Growth and Building

Moon waxing cycle

Moon waxing cycle – increases your chances

In the first video of her four-part series, Oranum psychic, LoveDrNikki tells you all about the the cycles of the Moon and their impacts on us! In this video learn all about the Moon waxing cycle.

The Moon, as Earth’s celestial companion, exerts a strong force on the planet. The creator of the tides and planetary axis stabilizer, we would not be here without this influence on the planet and those of us that live on it. Without the Moon, we would not enjoy the normal flow of the seasons. Instead, erratic and unpredictable weather would rule. From regulating our planetary cycles to signaling mating or reproductive behavior, the Moon is essential to life on planet Earth.

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The Moon experiences eight phases on its normal 29.5 day cycle through the heavens with each of the phases lasting approximately 3.7 days. When you understand the phases of the Moon and how to use that energy to your advantage, you can use the influence of the Moon to increase your chances of success!

Basic information of how to align your activities to that of the Moon energy can help increases your chances of success. By understand the influence that each phase of the Moon’s energy imparts, you can achieve greater chances of success.Learn and enjoy!!

Moon waxing cycle – video:

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Moon waxing cycle

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