Special event: Mercury at dichotomy on the 28th

Mercury dichotomy

Mercury dichotomy – halfway

Mercury reaches the 15° of Sagittarius on the 28th of December . The planet of mental processes, communication, way of perception, travels turned direct on the 22nd of December and now it is halfway through the sign of the Archer. This is an important milestone, so before launching your new projects, dedicating yourself to new visions and ideals, it is time for a reality check. Mercury dichotomy gives you this opportunity.

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This won’t be easy, as the Mercury – Neptune square is still strong enough to alter your perception. While it stimulates imagination, generates vivid dreams, this aspect can temporarily blind you to the truth. (Considering that the sign of the Sagittarius is the sign of truth-seekers, this is quite a strange paradox.) Conspiracy theories, fantasies, wishful thinking may blur the facts, thus you may end up seeing and hearing only what you want.

Still, if you make efforts to handle this challenge you will find new opportunities for growth  through experience and adventure. Inspiration and enthusiasm is very important now. However, if you don’t want to deal with the devil-in-the detail in the coming weeks (or months), pay attention to those small things which you tend to overlook.

Mercury dichotomy

Mercury dichotomy – move forward

Perhaps it is time to put in practice your experiences gained during the retrograde Mercury period and move forward. For instance it can be likely, that during the first Neptune – Mercury square (occured on the 12th of November, while Mercury retrograde), something skipped your attention and you lost focus. This lead to mistakes, delays and missed opportunities. These became obvious by the 28th of November, during the first conjunction of Mercury and Saturn. The retrograde phase of Mercury (3rd – 22th of December) gave opportunity to make the necessary adjustments. Then you could move forward.

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Now you are exactly on the half way, so don’t let yourself to be confused or misguided again by the Mercury – Neptune square. The tension created by this aspect may prone you to escapist attitude. Needless to say that drugs, including alcohol and cigarette have more downsides than benefits . Meditation, yoga, creative activity are much better ways to handle the tension. From here on the fog generated by the square will slowly disappear, and you will be able to combine your visions, fantasies with a practical attitude. Thus by the time of the next conjunction of Mercury and Saturn (the 7th of January 2018) even the smallest details of your big project will be elaborated enough for a successful start.

Mercury dichotomy

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