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Preparation for the Full Flower Moon

Written By: Psychic AlyciaRose/ Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth. Sun Opposition Moon (Full Moon) falls at 01° Sagittarius on May 21 2016 at 5:15 p.m. EST. The May Moon is known as Dyad Moon (Gemini) refers to the twin stars of the constellation Castor and Pollux, Dyad being the Latin word for a pair. It is commonly known as the Flower Moon or Milk Moon (Colonial), Corn Planting Moon (Native American), and Hare Moon (England). Other names include Grass Moon, Seed Moon, Bright Moon, and Dragon Moon (China). In most areas Europe and the United States, the earth is becoming fertile again with temperatures rising – warm enough for animals safely bearing young. This moon falls at the end of the last nights of frost, and many plants are in abundance and in bloom. It begins the time for planting. Like its zodiac association of Taurus, and the element of Earth, now is a good time for communication with beings of spirit and the natural world. Just as all Full moons connect to relationships, it would be …