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Runes are an ancient divination tool… Find out more about them in this section!


Runes, the oldest fortune system

Runes – Odin Are the ancient characters of the Teutons. The characters were carved in wood or in stone and ivory. Each rune has a name and has a magic meaning. A set of runes consists of 24 characters and a rune without a symbol – Odin. Odin is also called the protector of warriors. He is often portrayed as a wanderer. He sacrificed himself and brought the runes to us. With the runes he showed us the knowledge into the hereafter. Runes are the oldest fortune system. Each rune has a magical and healing effect on humans. Each rune has a magic about what is what will come in your life and what has already passed. If you want to know why you are in a particular life situation, you can ask the runes about Odin. They are friends, signposts and guides, they solve blockages. Runes – love and relationship Also in love or for your relationship they can provide very helpful information. They can tell you how your relationship will develop or whether …

The Ancient Ogham Alphabet

Strong relationship with nature The ancient Celtic people had a strong affinity to nature in all its forms, and the Ogham alphabet is a good example of this, as each letter/symbol is connected with plants and trees. The letters themselves are called Feda, meaning ‘trees’ or ‘forked branches’ due to their shapes, and the letters are linked together by a solid line. A psychic can give you the AUTHENTIC READING you’ve always longed for. Look one up at Oranum today! These are to be read from bottom to top in an inscription. In Ogham’s simplest form there are twenty alphabetical symbols, each of these symbols represents a sacred tree, and each tree represents a different quality. According to an Irish Legend, Ogham was said to have been named after the Irish god of eloquence, Ogma, who created them. “That sacred tree whose bark I touched, whose leaves did tell to me, the ancient tales that made me sure my friend would come to me…” ~From the song, ‘Greatest Friend,’ by the Incredible String Band, Wee Tam …

Introduction to Runes – Part 1

We’re very pleased to launch the first video from our new Content Contributor series! Have you ever been curious about Runes and how to use them? Runes, which were used to write Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet come in a set of 24 ancient symbols and are used as tools of divination. Oranum psychic Dr. Nikki will be doing a 4-video series on how to use Runes, and we will release a new video each week! P.S. Be sure to also catch Dr. Nikki broadcasting LIVE on every Sunday at 5pm PDT! Find her at Username: LoveDr.Nikki