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Weekly horoscope

General Weekly Horoscope for 21st – 27th, January 2019!

Choose your sign and enjoy your weekly horoscope forecast Aries             Taurus            Gemini Cancer             Leo                   Virgo Libra         Scorpio        Sagittarius Capricorn        Aquarius        Pisces   Weekly horoscope – Aries Just three weeks into 2019 and some impressive stars come together to create a stunning week. To start with, this week has all the hallmarks of ‘when the cat’s away, the mice will play’. For the Sun only left your career sector on Sunday, yet the Moon returns to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on Monday, with perfect timing. This is an ordinary event that is set to have extraordinary consequences. Ordinary, because the Moon returns every four weeks, but the total lunar eclipse this creates just minutes after returning means your attention is mandatory. This playful, eclipsing Full Moon will have a direct impact on Mars, as he moves through Aries …

Chinese weekly horoscope

Chinese weekly horoscope for 21st – 27th, January 2019!

Choose your birth sign and read your Chinese weekly horoscope forecast Rat            Ox           Tiger Rabbit             Dragon                Snake Horse         Goat        Monkey Rooster        Dog        Pig   Chinese weekly horoscope – Rat Monday’s eclipsing Full Moon not only brings us to the halfway point of the month of the Ox but to within just two weeks of the Chinese New Year. For you, this is always an exciting point of any year, sensing that change is in the air. For the Rat, the month of the Ox is an indulgent and also a potentially lucrative month. The Ox likes to bring its neighbour the Rat the good things from life. Also, as the month of the Ox follows on from the month of the Rat, often the seeds planted last month start to bear fruit this month. This also brings us to the final two weeks of the Year …

Weekly love horoscope

Weekly Love Horoscope for 14th – 20th, January 2019!

Choose your sign and enjoy your weekly love horoscope forecast Aries             Taurus            Gemini Cancer             Leo                   Virgo Libra         Scorpio        Sagittarius Capricorn        Aquarius        Pisces   Weekly love horoscope – Aries Everything about this week is leading up to next week’s total lunar eclipse in your romantic sector and the huge romantic potential it holds. This week the focus is on Venus, as the planet of love spends her first full week in an adventurous part of your chart. Here Venus is bringing the spirit of romance and adventure together and she has some special help. At the same time that Venus is drawing closer to her alignment with lucky Jupiter here next week, during the lunar eclipse, she also forms an exciting alliance with Mars, in Aries. This is the first time you have had Mars in Aries at the same time Venus is in an …

Weekly Business Horoscope for 31st July – 6th August, 2017

Choose your sign and enjoy your weekly business horoscope forecast Aries             Taurus            Gemini Cancer             Leo                   Virgo Libra         Scorpio        Sagittarius Capricorn        Aquarius        Pisces Weekly business horoscope – Aries When Mercury returns to your work sector each year it is usually while the Sun is here and it is usually a hurried affair. Often moving through in just 15 days, this is often a matter of quickly getting your head in the game and making choices, decisions and plans on the run. That is not the case as this smart and intellectually savvy planet spends his first full week in your work sector. Not only is the Sun still several weeks away, Mercury himself is slowing down. Fortunately the Moon was in your work sector when Mercury returned last week. With an intuitive read of work and job matters it is clear there was no rush …

Weekly Money Horoscope for 31st July – 6th August, 2017

Choose your sign and enjoy your weekly money horoscope forecast Aries             Taurus            Gemini Cancer             Leo                   Virgo Libra         Scorpio        Sagittarius Capricorn        Aquarius        Pisces Weekly money horoscope – Aries Starting the week with the Moon in your financial sector will always be an advantage. Especially when it is not the mixed blessing that it can sometimes be. Until five months of the planetary activity on the income front ran its course in early July, the Moon’s monthly visits to your financial sector have created an opposition and some financial tension. That fact that this is the first time, is not the case, it’s your first sign that your financial year is moving on. The Moon will be gone by Wednesday, ensuring your financial instincts are sharp from the get go. Yet it is less the intuitive edge the Moon gives you and more what this allows …