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Akashic Chronicle

The Akashic Chronicle

The Akashic Chronicle – the memory of the universe It is also called “the book of life”. It is not a book to pick up but a knowledge plan of the past, present and future and the key to healing. All events, experiences and insights are recorded, documented and stored here. It is the memory of the universe. Everything that exists, every human, every flower possesses the Akasha energy. It is the vibratory field of love. The Akashic Chronicle is where everything is stored; what you experienced from your past and also from a previous life. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! It contains all the information you need to answer your questions about your topics. It helps to solve the blockages. Every feeling, every action and every thought is written down here. It’s like a cosmic hard drive that you can retrieve when needed. In it you will find your potential and your spiritual origin. The Akashic Chronicle – your Akashic Record It is also your birthright to read …