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Do you have psychic abilities? No need to feel alone!

Psychic abilities – a third generation psychic I am commonly known as Morrdor and I was born in the year of the fire-horse, under a Scorpio moon, a life path doomed or tainted with darkness. I am a third generation psychic and grew up listening to the tales of my Grandmother and her wonderful gift and psychic abilities. And even now she will make me aware if something is stolen or if something needs my attention. I was aware all my life that there are two worlds, ever since I can remember. I have always been able to hear what the spirit meant to tell me or have been spoken to by the spirit. The mind reading parlor games with my older siblings, in preschool years also helped with a strengthened spiritual muscle, as I learned to guess colors held within in the mind of my opponent. Being able to read my father’s actions, or more to the point, when he would return home from sea, I always predicted correctly, even the exact day and hour. …