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Chinese weekly horoscope

Chinese weekly horoscope for 18th – 24th, February 2019!

Choose your birth sign and read your Chinese weekly horoscope forecast Rat            Ox           Tiger Rabbit             Dragon                Snake Horse         Goat        Monkey Rooster        Dog        Pig   Chinese weekly horoscope – Rat If you are fully embracing the month of the Tiger, you will find that this is a busy and vibrant week, with a lot of talks, conversations and lines of communication on the go. To begin with, there might be the threat of communication breakdowns or you might feel that other people aren’t listening or you are not being heard. However, this is more a false alarm and that familiar triggers are bringing reminders of old communication challenges. By the time you reach Wednesday’s Full Moon many of those fears will have been allied, while others will even turn into an advantage. It is reminders of what might have gone wrong in the past that makes you …

Columbus Day

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is a day of national pride for Americans – it marks the anniversary when Columbus landed in the Americas in 1492. However, the arrival of the white man in America was a crushingly destructive time for the Native Americans. Yet, there is so much we can learn from their veneration of natural world. While celebrating Columbus Day and the achievement of our forefathers let’s also celebrate the reverence for the land and nature that the Native Americans have. The Native Americans’ wisdom and care for the land is a lesson we all can learn and incorporate. Incorporate a prayer for the land in your celebrations. Columbus Day – Prayer Here is a prayer from Lloyd Carl Owle of the Cherokee Nation: “O Great Spirit Let your voice whisper righteousness in our ear through the West Wind in the late of the day. Let us be comforted with love for our brothers and sisters and no war. Let us hold good health mentally and physically to solve our problems and accomplish something for future …