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Tranquility Candle Ritual

Peace and Tranquility Candle Ritual

The modern world is full of detractors and destroyers of our peace and tranquility. Whether it is the stress of three hours of gridlock traffic or just needing a couple minute break from the kids, modern life is full of negative stress that impacts our aura and our sense of well-being. Here is a simple and easy tranquility candle ritual to help you regain your inner peace. tranquility candle ritual – Here is what you will need: 5 seven-day candles – two white, one orange, one blue, and one of your astral color (Aries = red, Taurus = red-orange; Gemini = orange; Cancer = yellow-orange; Leo = yellow; Virgo = yellow green; Libra = green; Scorpio = blue-green; Sagittarius = blue; Capricorn = blue- violet; Aquarius = violet; Pisces = red-violet) A place for you to conduct your ritual:   Make sure the place you choose for your ritual is a safe place to burn candles.  And, I guess now is the best time to remind you that you should never leave a burning candle unattended. …

Astro candle color

Your Astro Candle Color

Astro candle color – increase your energy You probably already know your astrological sign and many of you may even know the element associated with it. However, did you know that your sign is also aligned with a color?  Combining your sign’s primary color and burning a candle with specific intention, you can help to increase you energy, stamina, focus and more! You will get to know your astro candle color now! “Candle Magic” has been practiced for millennia and is used in many belief systems.  In fact, there is no need to study for years and acquire libraries of arcane knowledge to use the magic of candles.  It can be as easy as saying a quick little prayer for intent and then lighting a white candle. A simple and effective use of candle magic is to burn a candle the correlates with your astrological sign. Check your sign in the list below for the appropriate color that is associated with your sign.  A small tea light or votive candle are completely satisfactory for this …