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Chinese weekly horoscope

Chinese weekly horoscope for 15th – 21st of October, 2018!

Choose your birth sign and read your Chinese weekly horoscope forecast Rat            Ox           Tiger Rabbit             Dragon                Snake Horse         Goat        Monkey Rooster        Dog        Pig   Chinese weekly horoscope – Rat You have reached the most social and serendipitous charged week of what was already a social and serendipitous year. For the Rat, this is a double whammy of the best possible kind. For the Rat, the month of the Dog is the most social and serendipitous month of any lunar year and when this falls during the Year of the Dog, this becomes even more potent. The Rat thrives on this kind of social interaction, but also on the laws of synchronicity that are in effect. You have the confidence to trust your gut and know from past experience, how this has put you in the right place at the right time. As socially charged as things …