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Ink-blot readings

Ink-blot – The origins “The origin of the ink-blot is around the 14th and 15th century and was created to stimulate the imagination, expressed by Boticelli and Leonardo Da Vinci. At the end of the 19th century it was used by Rorchach, psychiatrist and neurologist, to create the personality test known all around the world as “the psychodiagnostic”. It was created to allow us to familiarize ourselves with the mains lines of temper of the human being, to find out the affective troubles and their nature and origins. Get a Psychic reading to get closer to the truth! In 1920, Luce Vidi, a very famous psychic, created the divinatory symbols with ink-blots! She’s the major master of this topic. Then in the 90´s another psychic (also a painter) appeared called Uma Mukanda (1946-2009) who made ink-blots more famous and more available to the European world. The ink-blot technique, consists of throwing 3, 7, or 13 blots on a blank page and then letting your intuition guide you to the interpretation. The interpretation must be very personal …