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How to handle karma?

How to Handle Karma? We all know Newton’s third law of motion, which says, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Think of karma as something similar to this law. It’s a cycle of actions and consequences and a clear cause-and-effect theory. The key is to handle karma like a mature soul. By actions, we not only imply to what we do; it also includes words and thoughts. Every word or every thought that we act upon has consequences, which can be both instant and delayed. This is the law of karma, which is also identified as the law of the universe. Everything we experience is an effect of preceding actions. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! Here are a few ways you can do so to handle karma better: Acknowledging karma It may be difficult initially for you to grasp the exact nature of karma. But identifying the areas of life where you feel stagnant is the first step that you need to take to break free from the cycle. …

Karmic relationship

Karmic relationships

Karmic relationship – needs to be cleared Karmic relationship is a romantic association that exist between two souls to purge, heal or reconcile experiences from the previous life. Most people don’t desire such relationships but are bound to be a part of them until the karma is cleared. Intense pain, jealousy, obsessiveness, excessive domination, substance abuse, physical or emotional abuse, one-sidedness, and selfishness are common signs that you are in a karmic relationship. Love is the greatest gift. Are you with the right one or should you keep looking?  Karmic relationship – solution The good news is that you can bring an end to this loop. Here are a few ways you can do so: Identify and accept your karmic patterns. What negative aspects are you continuously experiencing in your relationships? Once you identify them, acknowledge and accept them as they are. Understand that it’s a part of a big cosmic game that’s conjuring a lesson for you. Detach yourself from the relationship. You should observe your feelings consciously and take a closer look at …

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How to purify your karma?

Karma – The origins The notion of „ karma ” originates from Asian religions (Hinduism, Buddhism) and it refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Although karma is a very real form of energy, not a philosophical abstract concept, karmic interrelations are not always easy to be identified as they can be rooted in the past lives of the individuals. According to the Asian belief systems, rebirths are strongly related to karma: good deeds bring happiness and abundance in your new life while bad deeds bring further suffering. Certainly, karma can play out in our present lives too. Sometimes the relationship between your attitude of the past and your present circumstances is obvious: if you treated people nicely, in the majority of the cases they will return our kindness in future. You can also witness that selfishness, arrogance, and greediness bring only short term benefits. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support …