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Capricorn new Moon

New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn New Moon – fresh start The New Moon of the 16th of January occurs at the 26°54′ of Capricorn. This Capricorn new moon, – as new moons in general – marks the beginnings of a 28 day cycle and they are also favorable for fresh starts, especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart. With a stellium in the sign ( Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Pluto) the current one can be considered the peak of the Capricorn season. Get a free trial for a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! Capricorn’s energy is heavy – especially along with Saturn, the Taskmaster in its home sign, and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. However, since Capricorn is one of the most realistic and goal oriented signs, the current new moon cícle can be a productive time, too. It offers an excellent opportunity to get finally serious, get things done and make something real ! The new moon also is an occasion to question your old habits, behaviours, attitudes, …

Mercury dichotomy

Special event: Mercury at dichotomy on the 28th

Mercury dichotomy – halfway Mercury reaches the 15° of Sagittarius on the 28th of December . The planet of mental processes, communication, way of perception, travels turned direct on the 22nd of December and now it is halfway through the sign of the Archer. This is an important milestone, so before launching your new projects, dedicating yourself to new visions and ideals, it is time for a reality check. Mercury dichotomy gives you this opportunity. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! This won’t be easy, as the Mercury – Neptune square is still strong enough to alter your perception. While it stimulates imagination, generates vivid dreams, this aspect can temporarily blind you to the truth. (Considering that the sign of the Sagittarius is the sign of truth-seekers, this is quite a strange paradox.) Conspiracy theories, fantasies, wishful thinking may blur the facts, thus you may end up seeing and hearing only what you want. Still, if you make efforts to handle this challenge you will find …

Sun Mercury conjunction

What’s on the sky today?

Sun Mercury conjunction On the 13th of December Sun Mercury conjunction happens on the 21°of Sagittarius. Mercury is the planet governing our intellect, minds, our way of learning and communication. The Sun is associated with the self and its expression, our conscious ego, vitality and our creative force. The meetings between the two planets stimulate mental activity, they are favorable for discussions and debates, getting a more comprehensive insight, meeting new people, travelling. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! However  if you want to make the most of this transit you need to take in consideration the following facts: Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius and also is in its retrograde phase. The exact conjunctions between Sun and Mercury mean that Sun „combusts” Mercury. Thus your capacity for reason may be diminished by the powerful rays of the Sun. This is a very important point because in the sign of the Archer, the logical, analytical Mercury is  overwhelmed by ideals, ideologies and beliefs. While this position …