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Venus Mars trine

Venus – Mars Trine: balance and reconciliation

Venus Mars trine – a positive outlet The Venus Mars trine perfects on the 9th of November (Aquarius – Libra 26°), indicating the possibility of a positive outlet for all the tensions bottled up during of the 6 weeks of Venus retrograde. Since the 31st of October, when Venus re-entered Libra we experience a significant energy shift.  The atmosphere eased up, especially if the biggest part of the lessons of the retrograde period were learnt. After recognizing our deepest needs we are now in a better position to assert them. Hopefully by now the Scorpionic intuition, thoroughness, commitment and emotional intensity is combined with a healthy dose of detachment and objectivity specific to Librans. We are able to identify the situations and interactions which are not good for us, and we can easier move forward instead of getting stuck in them. When there is no way to cope, check your horoscope! Go to for a full analysis! Thus the Mars – Venus trine perfected on the 9th of November shows considerable improvements in our relationship …

Sun Venus conjunction

Sun – Venus Conjunction 2018 October

Sun Venus conjunction – tasks The Sun Venus conjunction perfects on the 26th of October, at Scorpio 3°06′. Sun is the principle of consciousness, vitality, creativity and – besides Saturn – one of the indicators of our main tasks. Any conjunction between the Sun and other planets will highlight the tasks related to that particular cosmic principle. Consequently the current Sun – Venus meeting will put in focus the themes related to the retrograde journey of Venus through Scorpio. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic today! The conjunction between the two celestial bodies perfects on 10: 05 am (New York), 3:05 pm London. Five hours before and after it Venus will be „Cazimi”. This is a term to describe a planet in „the heart of the Sun”. According to the ancient Astrologers, it is a very beneficial position, manifesting the best qualities of the planet involved. Under Cazimi a true alignment can be established between the inner self and the principle of the planet. (Some key words for Venus: …

Venus retrograde

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio 2018

Rich in karmic lessons and challenges, retrograde cycles of the planets should be regarded as Cosmic callings for slowing down and taking a look behind, making some adjustments in the matters and areas of life related to the respective planet. Instead of launching new projects and getting involved in new commitments, this is the time of re -accessing, re-thinking, redoing. It is the time of Venus retrograde now. Venus Retrograde – The retrograde cycles of Venus In Astrology Venus represents our intimate and other types of relationships, the way we are connected with others and the way we draw people: lovers, friends, associates – in our lives. Also, it is associated with beauty, art, balance, harmony, love, pleasure, desire, fairness, diplomacy, finances, possessions, values, security. During this autumn Venus moves retrograde on the 5th of October and turns direct on the 16 th of November. At the beginning of the current cycle Venus transits Scorpio, then on the 31st of October revisits Libra. It will turn direct on the 16th of November at 25° of Libra. …