Working With The Planets – Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde – common occurrence

A retrograde is a common occurrence in astrology and it simply means that the planet appears to be moving backwards (retrograde) from our viewpoint on earth. While at some time or another almost all of Earth’s sister planets in the solar system go retrograde, it is Mercury’s retrograde of which most of us are familiar. Mercury retrograde happens three or four times a year.

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The smallest of the inner planets, Mercury rules communication and intellect. Ruling practical thoughts and rational thinking, this planet comes in to play with the way you connect with both your inner and outer world. Strongly aligned with the subconscious, where much of the communication and input we receive goes, Mercury relates to how we interact with our own physical body.

The first Mercury retrograde of the year is from March 22 to 15 April. Then we have another from July 25 to August 18, and the final Mercury retrograde for 2018 is from November 16 to December 6. Knowing when Mercury is retrograde can help you make best use of the different energy a retrograde brings.

Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde – difficult times?

Since communication is under Mercury’s control, you will want to double check communications. Check your e-mail trash and/or spam files for miss identified messages. This also means shipments and orders for materials or goods. Keep track of your cell phone (they are often lost during a Mercury retrograde), and check in with folks you normally hear from that have been quiet. Some people report that they have a more difficult time with focus under the retrograde energy.

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However, you can put the energy of Mercury retrograde to work for you. Under a “re-trograde” you want to use your “RE” energy. Rethink, revisit, review, renew, reconsider, reflect.  Granted, a retrograde is not the time to start something new, but it is a great time to reinvigorate an old idea or project! It is easy to put a retrograde to work for you.

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