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General Weekly Horoscope for 17th – 23rd July, 2017

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Weekly horoscope – Aries

Dear Ram, the new week starts with you in a chipper mood. You march to the beat of your own drum on Monday as the Moon passes over Uranus, the planet of independence and sudden change. This takes place in your personal sector which has an effect on your temperament, so try to slow down to a regular speed and don’t panic. As the week progresses, Mars forms a square to Uranus, in your home and family zone as well. You will sure get a lot done around the house, but don’t expect the same level of enthusiasm from all its occupants. There is much movement this week with the Sun and Mars both changing houses. Mars moves into your pleasure zone on Friday, and brings you a whirlwind of activity. Your energies will go into pursuing life’s enjoyments for the next while. Lucky you! This energy is doubled this month because on Sunday, the Sun also enters this part of your zodiac. The combined energy of these two male driving forces will propel you to express yourself artistically, or take your creativity to the next level. What a pumping month for you Aries!

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Weekly horoscope – Taurus

Dear Bull, with the Moon passing over Uranus in your psychological sector your intuitive connections are extra strong this week, and mind flashes are likely to be experienced. As the rest of the week unfolds you may feel restless and impatient, especially when it comes to short journeys. With Mars taking on a Uranus square in your communications sector, you are warned not to engage in knee jerk reactions. Especially on the roads! There is more control needed by Wednesday when Venus goes into a square with Jupiter, which plays out in your house of personal values. There is a good chance that you may feel compelled to splurge out on luxury items. It’s hard to find the middle road when it comes to spending when Venus is in this sector, but now that there is expansive Jupiter energy in the mix, it is a real challenge. Towards the end of the week, Mars and the Sun both enter into your home and family sector for their next cycle. You can expect a lot of exhilaration in your family zone, and a fierce driving force for security within this this area of life.

Weekly horoscope – Gemini

Dear Twin, your attitude is optimistic, which boosts your popularity as you start the week with the Moon conjunct Uranus in your friendship zone. You are willing to support your friends, and it helps that you are able to see both sides to a story. Uranus squares Mars on Tuesday and the Sun on Friday, both in your money sector. You will likely be able to drive a hard bargain this week with all this electric energy surrounding two of your driving planets, but it is advisable to think before you do any compulsive buying that you may later regret. Venus in your personal sector, takes on a square from Jupiter on Wednesday, expanding your image, and seeing you possibly overestimate your abilities somewhat. Over extravagant feelings can be messy, so keep a guard on your responses. The Sun and Mars both take up positions in your communication zone this week, which opens a drive for power in mental and analytical achievements over the next few weeks. Perhaps you can take on a new and interesting course of study?

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Weekly horoscope – Cancer

Dear Crab it’s best to try and remain as professional as possible when ones week opens up with the Moon conjunct Uranus in the career zone. This can be an emotionally erratic energy that encourages rebellion for rebellions sake. Keep your cool to avoid apologising in a few days’ time. Of course it doesn’t help that you have Mars and the Sun in your personal zone also receiving Uranus challenges. You have been naturally assertive with these two activating energies here, and with a Uranus square, you will demand freedom of expression. It’s best to count to ten before you respond to external stimulus. Mars and the Sun are both moving to new ground this week and will take up residency in your money zone where they will boost your resourcefulness when it comes to the pursuit of financial gains. You may however have just as much of a compulsion to spend what you earn, and sensible budgeting, as well as minimal risk taking are called for over the next few weeks.

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Weekly horoscope – Leo

Dear Lion, with the Moon conjunct erratic Uranus in your daily work sector, no matter how hard you try this week, you just can’t seem to stick to your routines. Mars and the Sun have both been in your psychological zone for a while, which has kept your desires and actions contained within your subconscious. Those subconscious intentions are ignited this week when both these planets take on a Uranus square, and then shortly after, move off to make a fresh start in your personal zone for the next month. You can look forward to a boost of confidence and a very strong sense of identity. Your vitality has not been this abundant in over a year, and you are likely to be given more responsibility because of your spontaneous can do attitude. People will be drawn to you like moths to a flame and it is an excellent time to make advantageous first impressions, as long as you are mindful not to come across bombastically.

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Weekly horoscope – Virgo

Dear Maiden, when the Moon passes over Uranus each month a certain part of your zodiac becomes ignited, and when this happens again on Monday your week commences with extreme intuitive connectivity. You have an uncanny ability to grasp the arcane at the moment, which allows a secret to suddenly become clear to you. There is also a lot of energy being dispersed in your friendship zone due to Mars picking up a difficult angle with Uranus in this area. This placement could indicate fighting for the rights of a friend or cause, but it can also be disruptive energy. It is best to make sure that things remain realistic and professional with your friends or groups so as not to attract any drama or misfortune. This may mean that you have to work harder at not being erratic when voicing your opinion. Mars and the Sun both leave this sector of your zodiac this week in search of solitude in your psychological zone, where Mars will remain for more than a month. During this time you will prefer to be alone so that you can reason through events in your subconscious, and set private goals for your future.

Weekly horoscope – Libra

Dear Scale Bearer, when the Moon crosses the path of Uranus at the start of the week you could find that your love for freedom gets in the way of a personal relationship. Dull routines seem to bog you down more than usual, and you could be easily irritated by those that you have dealings with on a personal level. This mood carries over to your professional zone by Tuesday and sees you fiercely exerting your independence while Mars squares Uranus here. It’s best to cool your jets and avoid any unnecessary conflict with superiors or colleagues. Particularly, you could be a bit accident prone right now. By Wednesday when Venus, in your health zone, makes an aspect to Jupiter, things will take on an upward turn. Why not treat yourself to a wonderful dinner on the town? Both Mars and the Sun are scheduled to change signs this week too, and will have moved into your friendship zone by the weekend, where they will reside for over a month as they hone your focus into social and group life.

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Weekly horoscope – Scorpio

Dear Scorpion, this Monday may be harder to ease into than most, while the Moon passes over Uranus in your work sector and administers a bolt of restless energy. Try to include a lot of variety and movement into your day to prevent mind numbing boredom. Your appetite for adventure and excitement is whetted on Tuesday when Mars in your zone of expanded experiences, picks up a challenging square from Uranus that gets you making snap decisions. Anything to break the monotony is good, but I bet travel plans are at the top of your mind. It’s probably best to arrange them for September, because until then Mars and the Sun are going to be in your career sector, and you won’t have time for leisure. They both move into this part of your zodiac this week and promise you a month of professional acclaim. Your focus is on status now, so use the active drive of Mars, and the creativity of the Sun to take you to great heights, as you demonstrate your leadership ability to the world.

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Weekly horoscope – Sagittarius

Dear Centaur, your week starts on an upbeat note with the Moon conjunct Uranus in your romance zone. You are feeling a bit off beat and may be propelled to do things slightly untraditionally on Monday, just because you can. This is a day for much creativity, so get out to a movie, or simply get out, because you won’t want to be cooped up. As the week progresses, the energies get more intense, and Mars in your shared resource zone picks up challenging energy from Uranus. There could be conflict involving joint finances, but with Mars here, you will have the energy to work through any issues until you have come to a resolution. Let him assist you in this part of your zodiac while he can because by the end of this week, he will have moved into your expanded awareness sector, with the sun in tow. It’s been a year since the Sun was here last, and double that for Mars. This sudden burst of glory ignites your higher mind and expands your awareness concerning the contradictory world that you live in.

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Weekly horoscope – Capricorn

Dear Goat, at the beginning of this week the Moon moves across Uranus in your home sector, and sets you into a very independent mode of expression. Traditional family routines seem to fly out of the window leaving you free to pursue your day in step to the beat of your own drum. It’s not that you don’t care for your family, but everyone needs a bit of time out once in a while. Mars in your relationship zone takes this mode forward when he receives an electric bolt of energy from Uranus on Tuesday that sees you taking a stand within a partnership that you could be involved in. It’s best to keep the lid on the pot so to say, because Uranus is liable to cause knee jerk reactions, which don’t always equate to harmonious circumstances. The Sun and Mars both take up positions in your shared resource zone this week, which puts the focus on money shared between you and a partner. This is an excellent few weeks to get on top of your budget and to make some strategic long term investments choices.

Weekly horoscope – Aquarius

Dear Water Bearer, what a swirl of activity surrounds you at the start to this week. The Moon and Uranus are together in your communication zone, which accelerates your tongue, and super boosts your brain. Uranus could give you some real intuitive flashes that sharpen your intellect, but you will need to keep things on a calm level to avoid over extending yourself, or even getting pulled up for speeding. You have been conscious of your diet and exercise routine lately with Mars in your health sector, but this week, when he picks up a Uranus challenge in this area, you could feel as though your nerves are stretched to the hilt. Try to take it easy, and go with the flow rather than force a rigorous routine that you find impossible to adhere to. Mars’s energy is slowing down in this sector of your life anyway, as he and the Sun take the plunge into your relationships sector. This is a very advantageous placement for work within the sales industry, as long as you can give and take for the next month or so, to ensure relationship harmony.

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Weekly horoscope – Pisces

Dear Fish, with the Moon crossing over Uranus in your value zone on Monday you may feel the overwhelming urge to reach for your wallet. A conjunction of Uranus and the Moon encourages an independence that is hard to ignore, and in this instance it could be the desire to spend freely on luxury items. The same spurt of rebellious energy is let loose on your pleasure zone on Tuesday when Uranus sends challenging energy to Mars in this area. Your competitive nature is drawn to the fore as you put effort into the pursuit of a romantic interest, or even a sports event that you are involved in. Your intention is to be different, and this week you will find a way of adding a twist to just about any social activity that comes your way. Enjoy this freedom while you can because Mars and the Sun are both leaving this area of your zodiac to bring more order and structure into your life, and by the weekend they will have both taken their place in your daily routines sector for the next few weeks. Get your pen and notebook out, you are about to start working through your to do lists!

weekly horoscope

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