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General Weekly Horoscope for 20th – 26th November, 2017

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weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope – Aries

Dear Ram, the start to this week may be tiresome at best, with a Mars Pluto challenge occurring within the realms of your interpersonal relationship sector. Pluto and Mars in the same sentence may very often spell power struggles, and even if you are on your best behaviour, others may try to evoke your anger by means of controlling or manipulative strategies. Remembering too that Mars is the ruler of your sign, it is best to go with the flow on Monday and try to keep your head down and your opinions light hearted. By Tuesday afternoon this mode may take a back seat to a far more pleasant expression when Venus, who is not far ahead of Mars, picks up Pluto energy that is far more creative. This plays out as devotion to a loved one, in a clear display of commitment and loyalty. The Sun is on the move this week and will enter your joint resource zone on Thursday, offering you a month of transformation, regeneration, sexuality and personal growth. This is an excellent time to become more passionate with a lover, or review your debt and strive to rid yourself of financial burdens.

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Weekly horoscope – Taurus

Dear Bull, you are cautioned to keep a cool head on your shoulders this week, especially on Monday when the power of Pluto combines with the assertive energy of Mars, and could bring about heated responses in the workplace. You may well find yourself intent on doing things your own way and butting heads with someone who has a different opinion. Reserve your energy instead for more romantic affairs, as this is the modus operanti on Tuesday when Venus picks up creative passion from Pluto that plays out in your relationship zone, to spice up an existing partnership. This mode is set to continue because the Sun is entering a very passionate area of your zodiac for the first time in a year, and you can expect more meaningful conversation and interactions with a partner. It is also one of the best times to get to grips with your joint finances, and clear up any lingering debt that you may have. On Sunday Uranus and Mercury, who is in the same part of your zodiac right now, go into a beneficial trine, allowing your mind to open and focus on new possibilities. Use this time to your advantage.

Weekly horoscope – Gemini

Dear Twin, with Mars and Pluto bringing an intensity to your house of romance, there could be themes of jealousy or possessiveness that arise this week. Pluto brings a challenge to this part of your zodiac that you will need to manoeuvre through with caution. Luckily this is only fleeting and by Tuesday Venus will bring some devotion and commitment to the work day that takes your mind off any personal power struggles. With the magnificent Sun entering your partnership zone, things are set to take an upward trend over the next month with regards to committed relationships. The way you understand your own nature right now is to see your reflection in another. For the next month you will have the opportunity to balance a partnership and learn how to relate more openly with others. Mercury, the ruler of your sign, is also in your partnership sector, and by the close of this week will take on some flashes of insight from Uranus that may give you a clear idea of how you wish to progress over the next month in a relationship.

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Weekly horoscope – Cancer

Dear Crab, you could encounter some difficulties with family this week, while Mars, who is in your home and family zone, takes on a challenging angle from intense Pluto. There is a propensity for confrontation or power struggles and you are cautioned to keep a lid on your temper. This passes as fast as it began, and by Tuesday you will have far more creative endeavours to keep you occupied. Venus also takes on Pluto energy this week, but this is a more creative expression that brings passion into romantic undertakings. A brand new phase begins on Thursday as the Sun goes into your work life sector for a month. You are more aware of your health right now, and may start a diet or an exercise regime to improve your wellbeing. There is a need to sort things out, and that could mean tidying up your cupboards, your desk or your physical body, so that life takes on a more streamlined and efficient vibration. There’s a very beneficial connection between Mercury and Uranus, the planet of change, playing out in this house on Sunday, giving you the opportunity to open your mind to new strategies.

weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope – Leo

Dear Lion, with impatient Mars receiving a challenging square from freedom seeking Uranus in your communication sector, you might want to watch your speed in your vehicle this week. There could be a general feeling of rebelliousness and your responses or opinions should be kept tempered to avoid conflict, especially with siblings. There is an opportunity to remake your home at the moment while Venus is activated to artistically transform the home front, and you may find yourself getting stuck into the garden, or buying a new piece of furniture to complete the décor in a room. You can look forward to a boost of artistic creativity over the next month anyway, because the Sun makes a move into your creative zone this Thursday. This position of the Sun favours play, children, artistic ventures and romance, and let’s face it, you sure could do with some lighter vibes. Use this time to get out on the social scene and allow your inner child out to play. There is a wonderful trine between Mercury and Uranus on Sunday that will stimulate your senses and afford insight into areas of creativity that are yet to be explored.

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Weekly horoscope – Virgo

Dear Maiden, you assert yourself this week to make sure that your needs are met, and this is due to Mars in your value zone taking on an intensity from Pluto, that brings out your inner resources. Perhaps you have had your heart set on acquiring something, and may fight tooth and nail to make your acquisition a reality. Do remember though, you will catch more flies with honey, than you will with vinegar, so keep your responses amicable. There is an opportunity to support a sibling on Tuesday with Venus in this part of your zodiac receiving a deeply creative sextile that brings devotion and passion into a relationship with a brother or sister. The Sun is due to enter your home zone again for the first time in a whole year, which heralds a period of home and family focus. You are intent on building stability within your family at the moment because you know that this is the foundation for your happiness. Use the imagination that Uranus supplies you on Saturday to facilitate brain storming that will take this new and exciting theme forward.

Weekly horoscope – Libra

Dear Scale Bearer, you sure seem to be in military mode this week with Mars, the planet of assertion, taking on a very potent intensity from Pluto that plays out across your personal zone. With having Mars in this area you were already able to stand your ground, but this week, if you are not mindful, you could simply be combative. Avoid pushy behaviour or people that may entice this trait from you and dwell instead on the beauty that Venus brings to your value zone. She is also set to take on some Pluto energy on Tuesday, but this is a far more creative angle and affords deep commitment rather than confrontation. Book yourself in for a massage or a facial and enjoy the sensual awareness that self care brings to you. The Sun is changing signs on Thursday and taking up residence in your house of communications for a month. You can expect a busy period of social connection, and errand running. To be fair, you may hardly have time to think, and you should make sure that you don’t allow yourself to burn the candle at both ends.

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Weekly horoscope – Scorpio

Dear Scorpion, there is opportunity for you to dive deeply into research and goal definition this week when action oriented Mars, picks up deeply penetrating energy from Pluto that activates your subconscious condition. You naturally desire to channel your energy inwards while Mars is in this area, but with Pluto on board you have deep and insightful focus on self and your psychological status. To help you balance your energy more evenly, Venus in your personal zone takes on transformational energy from Pluto, which helps you spend some time working on your external image as well. You may want to have your hair done or try out some new fashion choices to spruce up your appearance. The Sun will be moving into your money sector for the next month this Thursday which is good news for your income potential. You should watch your spending though, because just as quickly as money comes in, it also tends to be spent on comfort items that you would not ordinarily buy. Pour your energy into your work right now, and you will not be disappointed.

weekly horoscope

Weekly horoscope – Sagittarius

Dear Centaur, there is much activity in your friendship zone this week with Mars, who has already livened this arena up, now taking on a challenging angle from intense Pluto. You may need to keep your opinions under wraps as manipulation and jealousy are often associated with this aspect. Even if this is not your mode of expression, you could draw people in from amidst your social groups that have strong responses, or are confrontational towards you. There could be an intriguing situation that you are mulling over in the back of your mind with Venus in the folds of your psychological zone and also receiving a Pluto influence, albeit creative. It’s okay to be a shoulder for someone to cry on but try not to get too drawn in to relationship drama’s that are far better avoided. On a much lighter note, the Sun is moving into your personal zone on Thursday after a full year of absence, and you should be prepared to reach for the stars as you embed yourself in the true purpose of your identity, and receive much applause in the process.

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Weekly horoscope – Capricorn

Dear Goat, circumstances might be intense for you on the professional stage this week as you find it hard not to react under the weight of the heavy Mars Pluto square that plays out in this area of your zodiac on Monday. Mars is the planet of action and assertion, and Pluto is the powerful lord of the underworld, and together in this challenging square, they precipitate an urge to get down to the nitty gritty in most situations. This hard edged duo could evoke some potent authoritarian issue to the surface within your career zone if you are not mindful of their impact. There is also an opportunity to devote some time to a friendship during this week, while Venus in your friendship zone picks up a deep sense of devotion that leaves you more than ready to be of service within a group, or by simply helping a friend through a trial. With the Sun changing signs and entering your psychological zone for a month this Thursday, you have more than enough time to rest your ego and gather your strength in the background of life. Use this time for subjective contemplation while you can, because this time next month it will be all go again.

Weekly horoscope – Aquarius

Dear Water Bearer, it’s best to avoid topics of politics or religion this week while Mars in your expanded awareness sector is receiving a challenging square from intense Pluto. Even if you skirt around the edges of your opinions without putting too much emphasis on them, there could be overbearing conversation partners drawn in that insist on hammering their point across. Keep your head down instead, and concentrate your energy on your profession, as there is the opportunity for you to show much devotion in this sector of your life. Perhaps you are working on a special project or organising a winning team? You will have a full month to shine from atop your professional stage soon when the Sun enters your goal sector for an annual visit on Thursday and illuminates your future ideals. This is a social time of fun and happiness that favours networking, and you are encouraged to make as many beneficial contacts as possible while you have this wonderful opportunity. Follow your dreams now and jot down your goals for the future.

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Weekly horoscope – Pisces

Dear Fish, your professional sector is ablaze with light this week as the Sun enters this part of your zodiac for an annual visit on Thursday. For the next month, the Sun will illuminate your career, and also your reputation, bringing your focus to your status and professional development. More so now than any other time you are noticed by those in authority, and it is advisable to ensure that your conduct is in pristine shape. You may also find that you have more responsibility than usual, but that is no problem, because you have a wonderful Mercury Uranus trine in the same part of your zodiac that affords you all the brain power you need to carry this through successfully. Venus, the planet of human relationships, also lends a hand by making sure that you are well connected via public relations, as she glides through your expanded awareness sector this week and picks up a creative sextile from Pluto along the way. You have commitment and depth, and no task is too daunting for you right now. Just what you needed to boost your image and connect you favorably with those who can offer you benefit.

weekly horoscope

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