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Birthday Star chart – the answer

Why are you attracted to a certain type of person? Your birthday star chart can show the answer. I have often heard clients say, “I always fall for Leo guys.” This might be easier to find the answer than you think. You might be born in Scorpio, but you could have a Leo Moon and this will give you an unusual attraction to Leos.

It is a good idea, to not just find out your Moon, but what house your Sun is in too. Very often a client will come to me with their Birthday Chart in hand and ask me to look at it. This is because most of the time, it is all they are given. These charts are great, if you are a budding Astrologer yourself, but they are no good for the average Joe, unless you are ready to read a few books on how to analyse Birthday Star Chart.

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For example a person born under Aquarius with an Earth Moon in Capricorn might find Earth signs  like Virgo attractive. Say we analyse your partner and find that he is classified, as not being greatly compatible, as his sign is in Aries and you are Aquarius, but when analysed he has a Gemini Moon, which would give you both understanding and strange compatibility.

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Star chart – secret door

Very often children are not always born under their parent’s birth sign, but they may have their parents Moon. For example a Scorpio mother with a Leo child, but the Leo child is born under a Scorpio Moon. This will help with general understanding and the Leo child may grow up with an attraction to Watery signs like Cancer. If the Cancerian had a Sagittarius Moon the cross over is complete. Sun and Moon in a Birth charts can be very revealing. The date of a person’s birth, time, and timezone give so much knowledge, it is like opening a secret door.

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The Stars are billions of years old & our galaxy is still moving and developing, just like people and our own planet. There are many things to learn and catalog. There is so much to be revealed to you through your Birth Star Chart. It can open new doors and give you great direction.

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Star chart

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