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Supermoon in Gemini – Aug 22, 2017 – How will it effect You?


Are you ready for the upcoming Supermoon? It is important to learn how it will effect your personal life.

The upcoming astrological event, which is certainly worthy of it’s name, of the next Full Moon on the 14th of December falls into the airy sign of Gemini.


Please note that this is actually going to be another Super Moon which perfectly fits the series of Super Moons that we have been experiencing in the recent past. The next days will hold a powerful and marvelous opportunity to help you recognize those areas in your lives that are in need of change. To help you understand the effects of these happenings correctly, let us clarify that this means that the areas of your life where balance has not yet been accomplished perfectly will very likely come into focus. Remember that everything in this world exists to support you in order to improve yourself and these celestial events always affect our lives beneficially. It is worthwhile to be aware of such emphatic events to be able to benefit from them.

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The peak’s effects

Since ancient times, full moons have always been considered as a peak of a period, with heightened energy and excitement. It is not hard to imagine that, not only is nature and animals affected by the days of the full moon but also us human beings. Although the moons effect on people has yet to be scientifically proven, our personal experiences may justify the theory. Do not get surprised if you realize you have become more sensitive or feel that many inexplicable things are happening around you.

It is recommended to take the changes easy and keep the focus on those things that require solution in your life. If you are concerned or experience unexpected things happening to you, you can ask for help of a Live Astrologer and find out the reason behind all the strange events in your life.

Supermoon in Gemini

As mentioned before, this December the full moon is in Gemini which is will manifest in a very impulsive, active and thoughtful period. Gemini’s are known for a number of strong qualities and by tapping into them you can get the most of out of this Super Moon!

You will need to focus on several things in case you wish to grab the positive side of something that will certainly happen to you, no matter if you want it to or not.


First of all we have to mention the importance of communication. It is important generally but communication will be paramount in the upcoming days! All areas of communication will be highlighted in the days leading up to and following the full moon. This really will be the time to make sure the conversation that you have been putting off takes place! Nevertheless, the focus on communication does not necessarily mean heavy dialogues, you will eventually need to learn to express yourself. It is a hundred percent guaranteed that your social and communication skills will be in the forefront.

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Expressing yourself with a positive manner will be supported and you will have to pay attention not only to your words but to your non-verbal communication as well. Avoid being aggressive when you communicate in the upcoming period and keep in mind that sometimes the modest but most suitable hints make the strongest impact. Be wise and aware how you communicate in any way.

You will need to refrain from getting involved in arguments or gossip, due to the highlighted period of communication, conversations may end an ugly way.

Remember to always treat people how you want to be treated and your kindness and understanding way of communication will pay off eventually. You will need to be fair, consistent and mindful if you wish to handle the Full Moon period in a positive way.


Maintain your personal balance

It is worth to consider your actions / interactions instead of doing them straight ahead.

Remember, do not forget to learn from or examine every situation – including your feelings and thoughts – that may occur during the Full Moon, even if you do not really like it at first.

Now that you are better aware of the upcoming energies of supermoon, all you will need to do is to go with the flow and enjoy your time with a positive and focused mindset!

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