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Using Color Power

Powerful colors

Powerful colors – associations

There are color associations with astrology that you can use to your advantage.  The signs, planets, the seasons, and the days of the week all have their own color associations.  You can put this knowledge to work for yourself easily. By combining the color associations, you can come up with the perfect and powerful colors to wear for that all important interview, a new date, or even just lift your mood.

Color is powerful.  It is used by designers to “set the mood” in a room or living space. The effect of color on the human psyche is powerful and can be used to your advantage.  It can change a person’s mood, attitude, make them more inclined to be generous, and more.

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Use the following color associations to help put the power of color to work for you.  Choose your wardrobe and accessories by consulting the lists below.  If you are a Taurus, for example, and you have a job interview on a Tuesday in the Summer.  Unless you are going for a job that requires the true blue power suit, you may want to consider wearing a green suit with red heels (or vice versa).

Powerful colors – The Signs: 

The color(s) associated with your astrological sign should be a primary color in your choice of clothes.

Aries – Red, white, pink

Taurus – Green, pink, red, yellow

Gemini – Yellow, green, red, blue

Cancer – White, green, brown

Leo – Orange, red, green

Virgo – Yellow, gold, black

Libra – Royal blue, tan/light brown, black

Scorpio – Black, red, brown

Sagittarius – Dark blue, purple, red

Capricorn – Red, black, dark brown

Aquarius – Light blue, dark blue, green

Pisces – Aquamarine, royal blue, white, green

Powerful colors

Powerful colors – The Planets: 

Wear the color(s) associated with the planet that rules the event or aspect of life.

Earth – (rules creating fertility/abundance) Browns, blues, greens

Jupiter – (rules creating long term positive change) Royal blue, bright blue, purples

Mars – (rules battle, competition) Red

Mercury – (rules communication) Yellow, orange

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Moon – (rules the subconscious) White, pale blue, light gray

Saturn – (rules the vagaries of fate) Dark blue, dark brown

Sun – (rules the inner self) Orange, bright yellow

Venus – (rules love and emotion) Pink, pastels

Uranus – (rules invention) Light blue, pink

Neptune – (rules imagination) Deep blue, white

Pluto – (rules the cycles of life) Light yellow, cream

Powerful colors – The Seasons

Spring – Yellow

Summer – Red

Autumn – Blue

Winter – Dark green

Powerful colors

Powerful colors – The Days

Sunday – Yellow

Monday – White, light gray

Tuesday – Red

Wednesday – Purple, yellow

Thursday – Blue

Friday – Green

Saturday – Black

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