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When you choose the appropriate psychic for you, you significantly increase your chances in having a reading experience that provides you with clarity regarding your question.

Which type of Reading should I try? Read these articles to find more information that helps you finding the best tarot reader, astrologer, clairvoyant or medium.

Each psychic is different, has different skills and abilities and interacts with people in different ways. To gain the clarity you are looking for, it is important to choose the right reader. But how exactly do you go about finding the best reader for you?

Did you know that a dream dictionary can actually give you a dream meaning you’ve always been interested in? Or the fact that a tarot card can provide a tarot card reading to gain insight into your obstacles and make them go away? Find an experienced psychic for a psychic reading or rely on your sun sign and birth date for a horoscope!

Live Psychic rituals

Psychic Rituals to visit!

Live Psychic Rituals – Gipsgold My live psychic rituals will be available on the 23rd and the 30th of December. I will do chamanic rituals in order to clean you from all type of negativity including black magic, curse, bad energy, envy etc. Thanks to this ritual your aura will glow again and you will have peace in your soul. I can promise that due to my ritual your spiritual life will improve as well as you may expect emotional development and you will become more lucky with your relationships and in general. I will perform my unique Tobacco’s ritual with the help of flowers, candles and mantras in order to achieve the given goals and to fix the issues in your life and clean all negativity. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic! In my free chat room, I will do mantras and show you the candles I will use in the private chat while performing the Tobaccos ritual. It is beneficial if you do not eat meat on the …

weekly featured psychics

Featured Psychics of the week!

Weekly featured Psychics – FLOWERPOWERTAROT My name is Linda a.k.a. FLOWERPOWERTAROT and I’m a Psychic Medium & Channel. Questions I am often asked include: “What is the difference between and Psychic and a Medium?” “How do I further my development?” “Are my deceased friends or relatives around me and trying to contact me?” “What direction do I need to take next in life?” “What is my life’s work or purpose?” “Is this or that person good for me?” “Is my spouse/partner cheating on me?” These are just some of the many questions that we answer daily as weekly featured Psychics, Mediums & Channels. It’s never too late to ask for spiritual guidance, talk to our psychic today! Having had the amazing grace and opportunity to study internationally with many of today’s top mediums, teachers, and authors, I have been able to enhance my natural abilities for the purpose of helping others. In a typical reading, I first connect on a psychic level with my client, then on a mediumistic level with Spirit (spirit-guides, teachers, helpers, …

Top Spiritual advisor

Top Psychic of the week: LoveDrNikki

Top Spiritual Advisor – Celtic heritage LoveDrNikki, is a Master Tarot Reader and Top Spiritual Advisor.  As a clairvoyant (she sees), clairsentient (she knows), clairaudient (she hears), medium, empath and intuitive her gifts derive from her mother’s Celtic heritage and her father’s Native American bloodline. Born with her gifts connected and unlocked, LoveDrNikki knew she was different by the age of three.  By the time she was five she was playing card guess parlor games for family and friends. At 13, she began her professional reading career as a psychic.  LoveDrNikki’s gifts were enhanced by the two near death experiences she had in her teens. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! LoveDrNikki holds Doctoral degrees in Divinity and Theology (emphasis in divinatory practices) from the University of Esoterica.  She has trained in a wide variety of divinatory practices including, but not limited to, tarot, crystals, runes, stones, oracle cards, western and eastern astrology, dream analysis, palmistry, and spiritual connections.  Her words say it best: “As one of Oranum’s featured psychics, it …

jinxing ritual

Be prepared to the next Psychic Ritual

Jinxing ritual – Gabstar I would like to showcase the jinxing ritual ritual on the December 6th and then on December 20th. I will speak of, and show how to perform an uncrossing/un-jinxing ritual. Here I will show the candles that are used for this type of work, and what should be inscribed on the candle for the ritual. In private chat, I will show the client what type of oils, herbs, crystals and prayers to use with this type of ritual. Also, the next type of candle they should burn. Get over your issues by participating in an effective Psychic ritual An uncrossing/un-jinxing ritual is simply where we use herbs, oils, crystals and candles along with prayers to remove the blockages placed in all areas of your life. This type of ritual will reverse and remove all black magic spells, along with simple energy blockages/psychic debris, or gunk placed in someone’s aura and or chakras. jinxing ritual – immediate improvement Once an uncrossing is done, a Client usually sees forward movement in all areas of …

featured psychic online

Meet the Featured Psychics of the week

Featured psychic online – Zeus1976 I am Zeus, the Spirit’s whisperer… Aged 40 and been a Psychic since the early age of 14… North African of origin, a Berber descendant, living in the UK. Speak 4 languages and have traveled extensively to understand my gift and find my path. I am not your typical featured psychic online you may say, very straight forward readings and direct answers is what I praise myself on! I connect directly to my clients and find the true root of their problems, empowering them to find the right solutions / actions in order to restore balance and bliss in their lives. My abilities are unique and quite humbling so, please, be prepared to be taken to another dimension when in a private reading with me! I can guarantee all the results of my work no matter how tough the situation is; very high accuracy and time frames are always spot on! I do also many ceremonies and rituals to alleviate any stress, black magic or blockages! I am an excellent …

Top Master Psychic

Top Psychic of the week – EnergyMastery

Top Master Psychic – energy clearing I am natural born psychic healer. I am also clairvoyant, telepathic and as a top master psychic, I am very powerful in remote influencing and fully qualified and certified in energy clearing. I have been helping clients professionally now for 15 years and have helped thousands of clients across the globe achieve their true desires and goals. A psychic can give you the exact insight you need. Chat with an expert today! My speciality and what I am extremely skilled in is Soul Clearings! Where I find the root issues which are causing problems for you in health, love, money, spiritual matters, family issues, mental and emotional state and so much more! Basically that means any issue you have we can find the root issue and remove it energetically thus allowing you to thrive in the areas you have been suffering in and still are. This clearing technique which is deeply profound allows you to be able to reach your full potential, allowing you to live a much more …

powerful psychic rituals

Are you ready for the next Psychic Ritual sessions?

Powerful Psychic rituals – Sensei Dates of my powerful psychic rituals: 25th of November and 2nd of December Greeting my friends, I invite you to have the Aura healing and it is crucial to have as you always interact everyday, constantly with the energy of people, situation and your environment. We absorb these energies. Therefore it is important that we protect and clean our aura so that it wont harbor unwanted energies. I provide a powerful ritual that will give you strong and real awareness of the present time, I will work with candle and with proper invocation of Archangel Metatron (that will clear the aura) Archangel Michael (that will protect the aura)  and Archangel Raguel (that will harmonize the aura with anyone and anything). You will benefit on personal level as you will feel more vibrant, happy and more balanced with your self in the daily interactions. I will have an intro ritual in free chat in which I will prepare your, you don’t need to bring anything with you, but just a comfortable seat, light robes …

featured online psychic

Featured Psychics of the week

Featured online psychic – Pathfinder How have I become a featured online psychic? Well, I have always been interested in tarot cards, but it didn’t start as a means to predict outcomes. At first, tarot cards were simply interesting. The lovely pictures, the insightful messages, it just seemed like a fun way to pass the time. Over time and with practice, I learned that there was more to the cards. I would pull cards for myself and be shocked at just how clearly it showed my circumstance. I pulled for others and could see that it had the same impact. The skeptic in me told me that it was just a coincidence. Surely, no deck of cards could tell the future! But my work, the testimonies I’ve received, and the personal impact tarot has had on my life has made me a believer. There was a reason that I was drawn to the deck. I have a gift, and I feel fulfilled when I share it with others. Looking for an answer? Look up a …

Top weekly psychic

Top Psychic of the week – Morrdor

Top Weekly Psychic – How can I help you? Some people believe you already agreed to come to Planet Earth and you were warned beforehand, that sometimes things happen, which are not nice, but you still chose to come. To love all manner of things, not just people, is your choice. As a top weekly psychic I believe and experience that people in general, at some point, may need assistance with the finer emotions. My connections, which are diverse and many, make helping others a natural step for me. Firstly, as child, the urge to guide and help the dead, was stronger than the fear & pain that sometimes accompanied their arrival.  It is not just the living who seek assistance. Initially, for me training started with the departed suddenly arriving in my life, always unannounced and sometimes frantic. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading!  It never crossed my mind to speak of these very unusual happenings. I suppose, as a child, I understood exactly, but did …


Psychic Rituals in the next 2 weeks

Online Rituals – Airland Dates of my rituals: 10th and 17th of November In the free chat I will introduce the members into the violet flame meditation. I will guide them through a violet temple using my Amethists where they get to walk into a healing violet flame which cleanses their soul of geopathic patterns, negativity and gives them strength. In the privates I would like to offer three different rituals. The first one is the extension of the violet flame meditation where I scan the costumer using the violet flame accompanied by Archangel Zadikiel (the angel of the violet flame). From head to toe. This transforms negative energy to positive and cleanses all the chakras. This one is good in case you suffer from negativity exposed from other people or within yourself. The second one is cutting etheric cords with Archangel Michael. As the guardian and protector of humans there is an effective meditation you can do that cuts away cords of negativity from one or more persons in your life. This meditation is very …