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If you are curious about the wise method and system of Tarot cards and wish to get to know the ancient symbols of it you are in the right place to start. If you use the wisdom of these cards by having a tarot card reading, you will greatly benefit from the provided information as you will know how to deal with challenges and what the most appropriate reactions will be in certain situations.  

The sixth sense of a psychic is a gift you should use for your own good! Therefore on, you will get a tarot reading or a dream interpretation, whichever tells you the most of your current situation! While you are having a psychic reading, you can be sure that you are taken care of.

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Tarot card message

Tarot Card message of the day – The Magician

Tarot Card message of the day – The Magician When the Magician appears in a spread it is quite a good sign! This card points to the talents, capabilities and resources at the querent’s disposal in order to succeed. Message of the Magician is to tap into your full potential rather than holding yourself back. If there is a need to transform something take the action required and you will achieve your goals. In case you are conceived on an idea, the card shows you that this is the right time to move on with it. You are being called to take action in order to bring your intention to fruition. The Magician as a master manifester, gives you the tools, energy and all the support you need to make your dreams come true. Believe and accept that everything you need right now is in your hands. It is important to focus your attention towards your goal and especially to the next step that will definitely lead to success. Commitment is very essential this time therefore …

Death Tarot Card

Scorpio and the Death Card connection

Death Tarot Card – the connection with Scorpio Death is ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio is the natural ruler of the Eighth House of the Zodiac, commonly referred to as the “House of Death and Inheritance.” Let’s see the Death Tarot card: Upright: Endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition.  The banner that Death carries has a black background, indicating an absence of light. The white rose, on the other hand, indicates beauty, purification and immortality. In the background of the card, there is a rising sun, a sign of immortality. The sun appears to ‘die’ each night but is reborn fresh and new every morning. The two pillars on the Death Tarot card are guarding the gateway to the sun, symbolizing the knowledge needed to gain immortality. The boat on the water in the background is the ferry that transports the souls across the River Styx. The background is a neutral grey, again showing Death’s impartiality. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto. The esoteric and Greek mythological meaning of Pluto is the agent of death. This could mean …

Tarot card reading

The benefits of a Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading – know the truth A tarot card reading is one of the most important form of guidance about a situation and making you aware of its detailed information. The Tarot card deck is an important tool used by tarot readers and psychics to help people know the exact situation they are in and also the future. Tarot readings can be done on question based or situation analysis. You can have answers about any kind of questions that is bothering you and bringing you down. It can also help you know the truth about any kind circumstances and a particular life situation. They can provide you an incredible insight about a current problem or situation triggered by your circumstances. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic! Tarot readings not only guide you about your current situation but also provide advice for your future decisions. They not only make you aware about the truth of a situation but also confirm what you already know. Sometimes you know the answers, …

Tarot structure

Tarot – prediction and destiny

TAROT STRUCTURE, PREDICTION AND DESTINY The tarot  has very long history and originates from the Torah. The magic of the tarot has captivated devotees and their clients from the times of the Pharaos so it is as old as the Holy Christian Bible. Tarot structure has stood the test of time and maintained its appeal to a wide range of people because it can be read in so many different ways. It has such depth, wisdom, experience and common sense, that it can relate and apply to every single one of us. This is because it is based on or is the basis of all of philosophy, religious doctrines, psychology, numerology, the entire wealth of human experience and the laws of God. We can study it throughout our entire life. Equally we can pick it up and click instantly. TAROT STRUCTURE ITSELF The MAJOR Arcana consists of all of our life role models. MINOR arcana consists of hearts, wands, swords and pentacles. HEARTS = issues of love, WANDS = ideas, SWORDS = challenges, PENTACLES = finance …

Read Tarot Cards

Tips to have a better Tarot reading

Do you struggle to read Tarot cards for yourself? Trust me, a lot of people do! To read Tarot cards for yourself, the challenge is to get out of your head and get detached from your emotions regarding the matter you have in mind for the reading in order to have an objective point of view. This can be very challenging at a time when feelings run like tidal waves. You get the shakes! But today I am going to offer you some tips for getting the best reading possible done by an Oranum expert. A psychic can give you the exact insight you need! (01) Get familiar with the gifts of each expert. We’re all different! (02) Use the free chat to bond with the expert and to organize your questions before the private chat. (03) Think of a clear, concise question. It is best if you phrase the question according to exactly what you wish to know. Vague questions lead to vague answers, keep that in mind! An example of a question that …

Tarot card

Tarot for Beginners

Tarot Card – Teaching As a tarot reader I get asked a lot about teaching others to read tarot card for themselves or their friends and family. There is always a lot of confusion about what the best method is, or what books are best for learning. When teaching a beginner reader I always stress the importance of having fun with it. Try not to fall into the trap of having to follow a certain set of rules or trying to figure out how to remember another reader’s methods. If you start that way, it’s certain you’ll end up putting your cards away and never picking them up again. Get a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! Tarot cards are used as a tool by psychics and mediums to help guide them during readings and to maybe catch up on something they wouldn’t have been caught up on otherwise. The first thing to do when starting out learning how to read tarot cards is to buy a deck that suits you. Find a …

One card readings

One Card Readings – more Confusion than Clarity?

One card readings I’m quite often asked by my visitors to draw a message card for them. Being very much aware that one card readings create more confusion than clarity, I’m reluctant to do so. Certainly Tarot readers pick so-called significator cards during a reading. However this first draw is quickly clarified afterwards by spreads containing more cards. The practice of drawing a daily card for ourselves is also popular and not only among the professional Tarot readers. Obtain hidden information from your psyche with the help of a psychic! I’ve been doing it from the beginning of the Nineties, when I started my Tarot studies. It helps me a lot to get tuned on the energies of a new day. I would feel extremely uncomfortable if I had to start my day without it. But – what a difference – my daily card is clarified afterwards by a seven-card spread. This shows me the adjustment I need to make on an emotional, intellectual level, the actions I need to take so that I can …

Tower card

Secrets of The Tower Tarot Card

Tower Card – dramatic imagery The tower is surrounded by doom-laden clouds, lightening bolts dart dangerously towards this once proud structure. Flames suddenly leap from the crumbling building, as two shocked figures tumble to the ground and lie upon the rubble surveying the destruction. This major arcana card may be sometimes drawn with a sharp intake of breath as its dramatic imagery is a warning of upheaval and chaos. Yet it also cries: wake up, a change is ahead, the truth will be exposed and falseness torn down to the ground! Expect the unexpected with the tower card. We often do not like sudden changes but the tower shows it is coming whether you like it or not. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading! So the tower seems kind of scary and negative but what are the positive messages that can be revealed? I have seen this card in relationship readings where regular fights or stormy endings took place. Answers and sudden realizations tear illusions down like shocking …

Columbus day

Are you ready for Columbus day?

Columbus Day – spirit of discovery Celebrated on the second Monday in October, Columbus Day will be on the Ninth of October this year.  In recent years, the holiday has received negative attention because of the experiences of the Native American.  Some states have even opted to celebrate Columbus Day as “Indigenous People’s Day” or “Native American Day.” The holiday is becoming a day to celebrate both the spirit of discovery Columbus exhibited and the strength of the Native American peoples who suffered such devastation from his arrival. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! How do we celebrate Columbus Day?  Of course, there are the re-enactments – especially popular in grade school children representing both Columbus and, more recently the Native American, put on pageants for parents to enjoy. There are towns that hold parades in honor of the discoverer and/or the Native American, and, in fact, New York City’s Columbus Day Parade marches right up Fifth Avenue in front of over one million spectators.  To …

From the Temple to Tarot

Tarot Arcanas – history The tarot is commonly known as a deck of cards, that had been is use since approximately the 14th century, and consists of 78 cards in total; 22 of which are called Major Arcanas. The first Major Arcana is the Fool card and the last is the World card. The additional 56 cards are the Minor Tarot Arcanas. These include the very familiar four suits: King, Queen, Knight and Page, which are like the regular pack of playing cards. The story line of the original tarot is new life’s passage from the spiritual realms unto the material one. With this in mind, it may be that the word tarot is a derivative of the Italian word “tarocchi”, used to describe the trump cards within the Italian deck of cards particularly designed for the card game of Tarok. However, once the French adopted the tarocchi name, it was given the concept what we today know as Tarot. You need an intuitive guide? Talk to a psychic now! A man most affiliated with tarot would …