Choosing a partner…

choosing partner

Choosing partner – desire 

The idea of love can be shattered, when after being married, things do not go according to the Prince and Princess rules. There is a certain energy when choosing partner and in the beginning of all relationships, where both parties are experiencing intrigue and excitement about their partners. The desire to know a person sexually, but also fear of being trapped with a partner, who does not match up to their expectations, after marriage.

Any relationship can quickly turn to feelings of being let down, or trapped. The general preparation of an outfit before a date seems so important in the beginning. Just choosing correctly can leave a person standing in front of the mirror wondering, which is the best thing to wear? I am sure nobody thinks in two years time, I will not even be bothered, if my partner likes what I am wearing or not.

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The excitement can quickly disappear from a relationship, if you made a poor choice in the beginning. Are you are asking questions and already thinking sad thoughts longing of how it was? So what happened to the moonlite and the candles? Where did the dancing till dawn and laughing over wine go?

It may not seem important to you now, but when the fun goes out of a relationship, some partners can and do look elsewhere for entertainment and fun. Nobody wants to be trapped by vows in a quiet marriage, that makes a person feel old before their time. If you are not happy with your current relationship, soon you may start to compare it with other people’s. Feeling and thinking, maybe you would be happier with someone else.

choosing partner

Choosing partner – Live for now

I would remind you, of the times wondering alone and thinking of finally choosing partner would be good. Also I would say you should live for now and not tomorrow. There are many ways to give back, to the one who has been supporting you.

A partner who is always at work, and you never see them. For some this arrangement is ideal, but for others, it is a sad and lonely fix. A partner who works from home, who is always there to share every minute of each day. The feeling of not having any space of your own and slowly suffocating under each other’s demands springs to mind.

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There is no perfect union, like planet Earth, there are storms and earthquakes, but luckily these are rare, it is the same most in partnerships. If a storm hits your relationship, do you want to pick up the pieces and start over? Or maybe change, to more suitable shores away from bad weather? When choosing a partner, acknowledge their faults in the beginning, so you know what to expect. If a person annoys you now, it could be magnified years down the line. I do think that having a second opinion is vital before major decisions are made. In my experience, sometimes being alone is the answer and other times working at what you have is a better choice.

choosing partner

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