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Numerology Part 1: Numbers and Their Meanings

Numbers can help

Just as certain traits are assigned to astrological signs, your number can help you to learn a lot about whom you are, whom you are compatible with, and so much more. Just by doing some simple addition you can have a vital and valuable secret tool in your toolbox – Numerology.

Over the next four weeks, I will be presenting a series of articles about Numerology and how you can put it to work for you in your daily life.

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Week 1 (this week): “Numbers and Their Meanings”
Week 2: How to compute your numbers
Week 3: How to use numerology in your career
Week 4 (conclusion): Numbers and love.

Since before the time of Pythagoras (yeah, the ancient Greek dude), each of the individual numbers 1 through 9, along with the “super” numbers which were added later, all have specific meanings.

Here are the keywords that are associated with the individual numbers along with a short description of what the individual number means regarding personality types.


1 – Imaginative and self-sufficient; powerful; bold; independent; dominant. The 1 is the initiator, the first to strike off on their own path. 1s are also indicative of beginnings and a time to be alone.

2 – Partnerships and pairings; receptive; intuitive; caring; romantic; sensitive. The 2 is the partner, the new lover, the first to buddy up with a friend. 2s are good at things that come in or have to do with pairs.

3 – Independent and idealistic; given to creative speech and writing; active. The 3 is the diligent worker, the artisan, the individual who is doing everything they can to achieve perfection in their work.

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4 – Professional life; practical nature; dependable; logical; forward thinking. The 4 is the consummate professional, the practical planner and the person or thing that can be depended on.

5 – Changeable, fluid nature; curious; love of new experiences and travel. The 5 is the “go with the flow” personality or situation. The changeable and fluid nature of the 5 indicates new experience and travel.

6 – Hearth home and family; caring and concerned; creative and idealistic. The 6 is the home body, one who always puts family first, caregivers and medical personnel are often 6s. The creative number.

7 – Introspective; personally courageous; psychic ability; inventiveness. The 7 is the watcher in the corner, the one who knows without being told. 7s are great at ideas and brainstorming.


8 – Fiscal issues; responsibility; perseverance; spirituality; hardworking. Money seems to come easy for 8s, but only because they manage it so well. Determined and spiritually connected, 8s are hard workers.

9 – Impersonal but compassionate; endings and completions; forgiving. The 9 holds themselves distant from others, often a loaner who seems to know when they are needed. 9 is the number of forgiveness.

10 – Many numerologist classify the 10 as a 1 (10 = 1+0 = 1) The 10 is considered completeness. The ending reached before a new beginning is begun. The number that allows for a completion of what is begun at number 1.

Super Numbers

These “Super numbers” receive special consideration because of the doubled nature of the number’s appearance. If the super number is too challenging 11s can look to 2s, 22s and look to 4s and 33s can look to 6s.


11 – Motivating; sensitive; leading by example; creativity in lifestyle. The consummate leader and motivator. Caring, sensitive and willing to sacrifice, 11s are also creative and fun-loving.

22 – Event changing; sensible and realistic; good leadership skills. 22s bring change that is often created in the wake of their passage through life. They see things others do not and are often good leaders.

33 – Karmic rewards; accord; spiritual illumination. 33s are often Indigo Children or someone who is in touch with their spiritual gifts. 33, along with number 7, is the number of spiritual illumination.

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