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The time has come again when Oranum psychics provide extraordinary healing rituals live online! Do not miss the opportunity to change your life for good!

Healing rituals – AAApredict:

3rd and the 10th of March

healing rituals

Aura Cleansing & Holy Water ritual.

My Aura Cleansing & Holy Water rituals are spiritual procedures known only in a few old monasteries around the world that are very hard to access.

These rituals are intended for anybody. You can be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, spiritual or simply have no religion at all; it is not important as long as you believe in God, at least just a little. In all these cases, the Aura Cleansing & Holy Water Rituals are the right choice for you!

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healing rituals

This ritual is truly recommended when you are tired, down, anxious, depressed or unhappy. When you lost your hope & energy; when you cannot find yourself anymore; when everything goes wrong in your life, love or career.

You can collect bad energy from everywhere: from work, from the supermarket, at home from your family & relatives or “good” friends, from your Ex-lover, etc. In many cases I was also able to discover hidden spells or curses during my private readings.

How do these healing rituals look like?

I am actually speaking about two distinct rituals: the Holy Water procedure and the Aura Cleansing. I can offer them separately, of course, but these two rituals have incredible effects and results if done together.

The Holy Water procedure can be offered in the Free Chat area as well as in private readings. The member only needs to prepare a glass of fresh water and simply to listen to my incantation. In a few moments, the water gains healing qualities that are very useful for everybody. At this stage, I can start the second ritual for people in need: the Aura Cleansing. This second ritual can be offered in my private readings only.

During the Aura Cleansing, the client basically enters a deep state of relaxation & meditation following my voice. Now I am able to directly deal with my client’s energies: body, mind and spiritual energies, at a distance. This is how I chooses to cleanse the Aura. As a result, the person will feel an incredible harmony like never before.

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Usually, this harmony can be kept longer using the holy water prepared before. In this way, the combination of the two rituals will have great results.

How to prepare for the ritual?

The members have to prepare a glass of fresh water before the reading and to make themselves a comfortable.

Healing rituals – Danieljames:

2nd and the 7th of March

healing rituals

I will perform rituals that will help the clients break their bad habits, get healing from their past, increase their confidence and self-esteem, attract their soulmate, and attract wealth. I will also have a ritual for physical healing in their body.

Through the power of hypnotherapy and psychic meditation, I can help the client reprogram their subconscious mind and summon energy and magic to do their bidding. Spell work is also included.

A free feature in the free chat area will be a portion of the ritual focusing on how to enter into a meditative state, and how to breathe.

Make sure it is quiet, with no distractions around you when you decide to have your ritual performed.

healing rituals

Healing rituals – Spiritmother:

5th and the 12th of March

healing rituals

Because rituals can involve sacred, secret movements as well as time frames, I will offer Candle Rituals for Love, Money, Health and Spiritual Awakening. I will also show you a simple ritual for binding. Both rituals will be helpful for all who enter, by bringing forth those creative energies as well as ending negative forces. I will offer Candle Rituals as well as further instructions in private.

It is safe and will have no negative or residual effects on the member.

Many areas will improve and get healed depending on the candle’s color.  Increased wealth, health, etc. The Binding will remove bad neighbors or influences.

I will show you various candle colors, oils and scripts and for the binding, I will also show the iron nails, rope and other supplies.

healing rituals

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