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Shocking Secrets of Atlantis! Read careful!

Last great civilization?

Many believe that the Ancient Egyptians were the last Great High civilization on the planet, but upon studying the Atlantis theory, I became aware of hints of another even greater power, that came before the Ancient Egyptians.

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Many have looked at the planet, to discover where Atlantis would have been situated. Even in Plato’s time, fragments of this lost land were being hunted and collected. Had Plato unwittingly turned a collection of facts into a tale that would capture millions of people’s attention for hundreds of years to come? Plato, who was a great storyteller, took information from his mother’s cousin, Critias and turned it into a tale, which portended to Atlantis, a great civilization from the past. Plato had gained this knowledge by word of mouth from his cousin and retold it to many, so he was not directly responsible for its source.

A beautiful tale

It was a tale of a beautiful country surrounded by many circles of land. Each land circle had horse backed warrior guards placed upon it. These circles of land, or rings of land, were then protected by another larger, similar circle of land. The many rivers in between these circles were filled with large and dangerous aquatic animals.


was said to have its own fresh water supply, underground heating, white temples and large baths. Obviously, such a civilization was also heavily guarded. In just about every language across the globe there is a word for Atlantis, whether it is Antili or Avalon, it is a remembered place in all memories. A major flood washed over the Earth in the distant past and erased everything from the planet’s surface. Some say there was a war, which removed all traces of Atlantis and only a few people, who had the sense to flee the battle, survived.

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Hidden memories?

Let me share some interesting notes here and now, and many more in my free chat room anytime. When lemmings migrate, they jump and swim towards an unknown shore that once existed, because the memory still exists, but no land now remains. Fishermen still row their boats out to the middle of the ocean because they have hidden knowledge about some parts of the Sargasso Sea, where if a bucket is dropped down it will bring up freshwater. How do they know this? Again, memories of a previous land remain with a few fishermen, because they have been carefully passed down, but since when? There is a rare blood group on Earth, that has now almost disappeared and only a handful of humans still have it.


Traces of a forgotten civilization remain in Egypt, but they are under the foundations of the ancient stones that support the old pyramids. The Ancient Egyptians did have knowledge, but some of this was taught and given to them. When Atlantis fell through flood and war, a few survivors fled to what is now called Egypt, which was much more uncivilized then. The few survivors passed on the knowledge they possessed and began to create buildings from stone, but their methods were different than the pharaohs’. Once we had the ability to accurately measure and weigh these stones, we found that in some pyramids, the stone blocks could not have been made by the Ancient pharaohs, some of the base blocks were practically fused together. What’s more, the blocks were double the size and seamless in cut. Expert masons were confounded and said that the work was much more sophisticated than other, newer pyramids.

Ancient Egyptian History

There are ancient tales in Egyptian history about Gods that came from above. Other ancient historic carved stone samples shows ancient beings or Gods, seated in a vehicle with helmets on, very similar to our modern-day astronauts. The oldest known mention of Atlantis was around 450 BC, where it was used in reference to vast coverings of water in the histories of Herodotus; Atlantis thalassa or the Atlas Mountains.

The word Atlantis has now been replaced with the word Ocean, as man once again developed and began to sail and discover foreign seas and lands. The theory that the whole world was once called Atlantis and was one huge land mass, is now more plausible. If the next war, flood or meteorite landing eradicates the planet’s masses maybe a select few will be Gods again.

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