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Birth Moon

Moon Power IV – What Your Birth Moon Phase Has to Say About You!

Your Birth Moon – just search for it Our the Earth’s Celestial partner, the Moon, goes through eight different phases during its approximately 29.5 day cycle. Each of these phases is said to impart those born under that phase with certain personality traits or aspects. Here is all about your birth moon. While ancient astronomers studied diligently over their ephemeris, today the internet allows us to find out the phase of the Moon on a specific day easily.  A simple search for “phase of the Moon on (insert your birth date here)” will get you the exact lunar phase on your birthday. Here is what the lunar phase you were born under says about you: New Moon: With the light of a New Moon present at your birth, you are granted the gift of being able to learn to trust your inner voice. This grants an opportunity to trust yourself and your inner cues.  Listening to that inner voice may not take you where you expected to go, but it will take you exactly where …

Moon gardening

Moon Power III – Gardening With the Moon

Moon gardening – efforts to come to fruition There is a reason why most farmer’s almanacs contain a lunar calendar. Those who farm or tend a garden under traditional means will tell you that knowledge of when to do what gardening chores by the phase of the moon can result in healthier, faster growing crops. Each phase in the lunar cycle has its own way to help your garden grow better. Learn all about Moon gardening. For example, if you are wanting to prune shrubs, bushes and trees to encourage new growth after pruning, your best time of doing so is during the waxing phase of the Moon, when it grows from New to Full. Additionally, plants that grow primarily above ground (corn, cabbages, and tomatoes, for example) are best planted when the Moon is waxing. On the other hand, if you are trying to stunt growth or prune to retard growth, you would want to do that when the Waning Moon holds sway. Root crops such as beets, carrots, and potatoes are also best planted …