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2019 the Year of Love

Greetings my friends, 2019 is upon us! Prepare yourself for a blissful new year, full of Love; and please first of all receive my blessings that come from my heart to you: “May you experience the birth of your dreams, May you see the realization of your projects quickly and easily, May you have the abundance you so richly deserve for having the courage it takes to follow that quiet guidance within; the tiny voice of your heart and gut feeling” In this year that has passed you had to digest a lot of situations. Some parts of them have become love, while other parts you could not digest and it is still giving you hard times. This is why it is essential to ground yourself for the new year. Clarify all the topics that have been bugging you. Get a true psychic reading!  Love is sharing however most of the time our needs prevent us sharing. Remember that love, genuine love, always gives without asking back anything. If you are in the state of …

Spiritual advice

Why is it important to get spiritual advice?

Spiritual Advice – help you need We all go through tough times in our life. Most of us seek some form of counselling to help us deal with these tough times. Now, the help which we seek usually comes from medical professionals, such as psychiatrists or other trained professionals, such as psychologists. Though these forms of counselling are beneficial, they don’t do much to address the deeper spiritual factors that may be the root cause of your problems.This is exactly why spiritual advice is necessary. Spiritual advice approaches healing in very different ways. Let’s look at some of the benefits of spiritual advice. Mindful Thinking Spiritual advice helps develop traits such as mindful thinking. Negative thoughts are a common problem and sadly, most people tend to indulge in this form of thinking. Spiritual advice and counselling digs deep into the core of such thoughts and helps develop a more positive outlook. Spiritual guides can help you become aware of your conscious thoughts and help you control them. For instance, they can teach you the practice …