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Twin flame

Twin Flame memories

Twin flame – one power Two people can offer support, which is all things that love should be, but very often the rules get clouded. Speaking to your Twin Flame can often be before birth and sometimes even before you meet in this life. Many people have fragments of sentences spoken either before birth, or on one of the many dream planes and all this happens before you meet in the psychical sense. The knowledge of love and how to love and the pain, which can come about in dream state can be quite severe, leaving a person full of emotion as they wake from sharing time with their Twin Flame. The energy is so complete, that every emotion is shared and is one power. This pure quality is enough to make both parties involved want to remain in the dream state for a lifetime. This is why Twin Flame exist, to be partners that lead to plans and promises for this life. Time did not give you enough of their love. Promises are made …