Conjunction of Mercury and Mars

Celestial conjunction – Mercury and Mars in Cancer

The celestial conjunction between Mercury and Mars (Cancer 15°) of the 28th of June is a mixed blessing. When the planet of intellect and communications (Mercury) meets the planet of assertiveness and aggression, words can cut as swords (even in the case of the gentle Cancer).

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People can get obsessed with the past, including past mistakes. On the other hand, such a conjunction indicates increased mental activity. This, combined with the excellent intuition of the sign, gives the possibility of deep analysis, research and of understanding our and other people’s emotional patterns, drives, motivations and needs.

celestial conjunction

This celestial conjunction is a part of a very challenging cardinal T-square including Jupiter and Pluto. Simultaneously its trine with Neptune mildens the roller coaster indicated by the Mars/Mercury Jupiter square, Mars/Mercury – Pluto opposition. Although is not easy, it is very rewarding to make the energies of these potent configurations work for us and not against our best interests. Since every chart is different, the possible solutions are different for each individual. However there are some general hints which will help you to handle the challenge!

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Celestial conjunction – listen to your intuition

Take advantage of the beneficial Neptune – Mercury/Mars trine. Listen to your intuition. Write down your dreams. Some creative activity (especially painting, drawing) will release sufficient energy to make the necessary changes. (Don’t forget, the cardinal T-square is a very dynamic formation, removing you from your comfort zone. Certain changes are unavoidable to restore the balance. Preferably, these changes are proactive and come from your side before outer circumstances force you. Your gut feeling will help you with timing. Keeping yourself busy with the creative activities recommended above will prevent you from getting agitated and getting involved in unnecessary power struggles. Yoga, Tai –chi and meditation can also be helpful to maintain your inner balance instead of being carried away by extremes. Thus you can safely make the changes necessary for your inner and outer growth.

celestial conjunction

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