Special celestial event – Conjuction of Mercury and Ceres

Celestial event: Mercury conjuncts Ceres

The Mercury – Ceres conjunction of the 17th of June marks a busy day, full of possibilities to grow by learning. In Astrology, Mercury rules thinking, speech, cognitive skills, communication, the flow of information, and sales and travels. Currently it is transiting in Gemini, its Astrological home, thus the Mercurial influences are very strong.

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Ceres was the goddess of cereal and abundance in the Roman mythology. Its place in the natal chart shows where we are abundant. However, getting access to the gifts of the goddess requires sacrifice.

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Celestial event – practical steps

The pressure “coming from” this celestial event motivating us to better understand the current situation and to take practical steps (Mercury) is signified by challenging aspects of the day, especially the mutable T-square between the Sun/Mercury/Ceres conjunction in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius and Moon in Pisces. The T-square is a stressful formation pulling us in three different directions. Mercury and the Sun are opposing Saturn, which indicates heavy responsibility, struggle with authority figures (or to assert our own authority) and overwhelming tasks. This is too much pressure for the introverted and emotional Pisces Moon.

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Fortunately, there is huge potential to handle the stress and to make the unfavorable circumstances work for us in the current celestial event; the Ceres – Mercury conjunction. You can nurture your soul through self-help, literature, myths, symbols and metaphors. Intellectual understanding will help you deal with this challenging time of transition. It is a great day to start studies (Psychology, Astrology, Tarot, etc) which can connect you with your inner wisdom. Thus, you’ll realize that in spite of the emotional roller coaster, there are abundant possibilities for your growth. Now you have the opportunity to attract good listeners from the outer world, who can nurture you with their empathy and insight. Talking about things that are bothering you will make you feel loved and accepted. Make sure that you contact me.

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