Special event: Conjunction of Jupiter and Haumea


Jupiter Conjunct Haumea

Jupiter, the benevolent giant of the solar system and Haumea a dwarf planet associated with the feminine creative powers, will share the same right ascension on the 2nd of November. Although their conjunction in the Astrological sense of the word took place on the 19th of February this year, then it reoccurred on the 7th of September, their Astronomical meeting is also a significant cosmic event.Thursday will be an energetically highly charged day, with a huge creative potential and insight.

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In Astrology Jupiter rules higher learning, our religious and philosophical views. It represents optimism, expansion and growth. It encourages reflection, study, and the attainment of higher education, allowing us to find a higher meaning or purpose in our life. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, good or bad.

Haumea is one of the strangest planet of the solar system, made of pure stone covered in crystalline water. It is shaped like an egg, and spinning around on its axis once every four hours.This rapid rotation enables it to maintain a state of equilibrium. It was discovered at the 28th of December 2004, and finally named after a long dispute in 2008. It carries the name of a Hawaiian fertility Goddess, who can manifest in many different forms and experienced many different rebirths.


Haumea – incarnation of souls

Being a newly discovered planet its Astrological meaning is not entirely cleared. However it seems to be related to the incarnation of souls over many lifetimes. The egg shape of the planet together with its ability to maintain a state of balance promote associations with the Orphic Egg of  Creation as well as the rock solid integrity of the Alchemical philosopher’s stone. The archetype of Haumea is also associated with the feminine creative and regenerative forces, the symbolic births and rebirths, the intuitive wisdom. It represents the force within us allowing recovery and rejuvenation even after life’s most difficult times. Haumea reconnects us with the cycles of the nature, increases our body awareness, enables us to have access to our inner resources.

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The healing powers of the cosmic midwife, combined with the possibilities of progress, inspiration and growth opened by Jupiter can mark a new phase of development. To make the most of this transit, ask yourself, on which areas of your life do you need to recreate, balance or update yourself ? What are the best ways to express your creative potential ? (Yeah, I know that creative process can be a hard birth, but remember: the mythological Haumea could secure a painless childbirth.) So it is the right time to get tuned on these beneficial cosmic energies and to start something, which will set you up nicely to make real and lasting change in your life, and find fulfillment and happiness.


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