The Moon at perihelion

Moon at Perihelion, 23rd of August

The perihelion of a planet is a point in its orbit where it is closest to the Sun. Moon reaches this point every month around new moon’s time, this month respectively on the 23rd of August at 21:40 CEST/ 19:40 UTC. Perihelions often intensify the planet’s effect on us. Since a very significant solar eclipse took place some days before, on the 21th of August, this is especially true in this case.

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Eclipses are energetically highly charged new moons. New moons are associated with new beginnings, while eclipses are considered wild cards, which can herald beginnings through endings or poweful starts of new cycles of life. Sometimes we are aware where we need to make adjustments so that we can take things to the next level, sometimes this is not instantly obvious.


However, the closeness of the Moon ( subconscious, instincts, emotions, memories, daily routines, etc) to the Sun (awareness, creative powers, our identity, the Self, etc) makes easier to understand the messages coming from our inner realms.

Additionally in the time of the perihelion the Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign associated among the others with practical skills, our daily routines, work, health and healining.Thus it is very likely that the messages will be related to these areas of life. Our task will be to manifest the creative potential of the strong Leo New Moon by adopting healthier daily routins, maybe changing our diet, improving our working circumstances (perhaps we make smaller or bigger changes in our environment, we get more organised, learn new skills or look for opportunities how we can benefit more than before from the existing ones, etc.).

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However, when launching new plans we need to take into consideration the retrograde movement of the Mercury, ruler of the Moon. Thus instead of jumping instantly in new projects, some preparatory work, reflection is needed. The earth element of the Virgo Moon „solidifies” the eclipse energy, so the messages coming from the subconscious regarding our immediate tasks will be more explicite. (Pay more attention than generally to your dreams, déja vu experiences, meaningful coincidences, outer events which appear to carry symbolic meaning. For instance: meetings with different people, giving or receiving help, physical symptoms if any, finding or loosing something, etc.) Astro – Tarot readings can give useful insights and clear up things, but don’t forget to follow the advices in your everyday life. Since Virgo is a very practical sign, intuitions and visions must be combined with proactivity, willingness to take action, diligence to succeed.


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