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Meditation for the Rose Moon

Written By: Psychic AlyciaRose

June 20th marks the Rose Full Moon of 2016. The full moon in June is also known as the Strawberry or Mead Moon, and falls this year on the cusp of the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon. The Rose is an ancient symbol of the Goddess. The rose is known as the queen of flowers, is the symbol of beauty of youth, love, joy, silence, and has long been associated with the Mysteries.

I wrote the following meditation for a ritual on the Rose Moon for our temple some years ago, and will be included in my book of meditations. May it bring you love, joy and beauty.

Each participant should be handed a red rose prior to the mediation.  Pick the best ones, the most lovely of the ones you can find, but not fully opened.

Begin by breathing in and out, slowly and purposely, conscious of the air moving within the body.

The air begins to turn white with the light of healing energy,
moving in through the top of the head, at the crown chakra.
With very breath you take in,
also allow the spirit to breathe in the white healing energy as well,
moving through the body,
down through the third eye,
the throat chakra,
and into the heart.
Allow the energy to fill your heart,
becoming a beautiful rose,
and begin to gently open its petals with the light.
Let it blossom and open fully.
Love surrounds it, removing all traces of doubt and fear.


Rose Moon Meditation

The rose is the world’s oldest symbol of the Goddess.

It has been with us since ancient times, and is connected with the Mysteries of life and death.

It is the symbol of sacred silence, known in latin as Sub Rosa – meaning “under the rose,” where we keep in our oaths in circle to the Divine.

It is the symbol of the life force, of the blood that courses through our veins, and of the sacredness of our birth, the Divine flower of the Yoni, kissed by the petals of our mothers as we entered the world.

The rose is a symbol of unremitting love; a spiritual source flowing from the Goddess, giving continuously and unconditionally.

We are its seeds, and as we blossom and grow, we sow its seeds in others so they too, may share in this sacred knowledge of Divine Love.

Her Love is contained in the beauty of its flower; the gentleness of its petals, the pain of its thorns, the persistence of its roots, and in the nourishment of its fruits.

Whatever part of it we experience, it is a part of this Love, enabling us to grow into the light, and at no time does She ever stop loving us.

Let thoughts of unconditional love come to mind, and allow them to enfold you, for the love of the Goddess is with you always, knowing a far greater depth than we can imagine.

To know the Goddess is to know Greater Love, and the rose is Her promise to us.

In truth, can there be any love greater than that which created the rose?

Please focus your thoughts on the rose you hold in your hands. Love requires sacrifice, so ask for your heart’s desire, and then give this rose as an offering.

Allow it to unfold first, then give it to the sea at twilight, a sacred well, on your altar, or your local church shrine of Mary – who is also the Great Goddess still remembered in the new religion.

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