Saturn’s retrograde motion

Saturn retrograde

Saturn retrograde – When the past does not go away

Sometimes memories can become obsessive, but when the lost time of regret does not abandon us, we must find the key to leave it behind. Saturn retrograde from the 18th of April in its domicile of Capricorn can lead us to all dealing with old memories and issues. When the planet of memory backs into the sky it is time to reconsider old times that no longer exists.

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Chances are high to face with our traumatic memories, the ones that left wounds in our lives, those ones of lost opportunities and the memories of the people who left us. Meditate and use this time of period to clean all the negativity rooted in your past eventually.

Saturn, the planet of time and memory may remind us that we are our past.

Saturn retrograde

Saturn retrograde – memories

Mercury represents the time that escapes with the present, that feels imaginary and fleeting and you sometimes may even contemplate of putting your memories of these times in writing in order to remember them later. Saturn, on the other hand, represents the past. Traditions and long accumulated past memories that we treasure and cherish when we are old are definitely indestructible. Memories often resist even such terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s, but then again it is not necessary to be elderly or sick to experience the effects of Saturn on recollections of the past. We all have memories that have remained etched in our minds and souls and shaped our personalities and even our ways of thinking.

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With Saturn retrograde these memories not only re-emerge in some way, but become more intense and above all obsessive. There is a risk of obsessively dealing with the past and not being able to or simply not wanting to live in the present, let alone face the future. Though memories are certainly not negative all the time, the feeling of regret that goes hand in hand with the bad ones certainly is. Don’t let feelings that are associated with times long gone devour the joys of your present.

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