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Connection between the Tarot and Astrology

Tarot system – History of Tarot

The history of the Tarot system is very interesting and probably came about around 1438 and was made popular by the Italian card game called Tarocchi, which is still played around the world and is a lot like bridge.

It wasn’t until the tarot made its way to France that it was perfected by Attaia, who is said to be the first tarot reader in France, as it quickly found popularity in Marseilles. Over the years, it has had many changes and meanings assigned to it from catholic, pagan and other religious aspects assigned to it. Therefore, tarot veered away from its original form founded in Italy. Many people assimilated these religious elements to the cards which altered the cards and their astrological meaning. For example, the Emperor card = Capricorn energy; however, many cards have lost their original astrological meanings. Another example would be cups, which generally dealt with Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio energy.

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Tarot system- Get to know your astrology

Tarot system

This is another reason knowing your astrology is extremely crucial. There are four suits which are the elements and related energy;

Wands – Fire
Cups – Water
Swords – Air
Pentacles – Earth

Cards of the same suit love each other, just like earth loves water and mud and water blend perfectly.

Air likes Fire

Fire likes Earth

Earth likes Air

Air likes Water

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When these rules aren’t followed we often see problems in relationships.  This is how astrology and Tarot system are typically related. Every sign is a wave of its previous sign masculine – feminine, for example; for a Pisces sun sign’s wave function would be an Aquarius or an Aries. Opposites always attract in astrology; therefore many people find partners whom are their actual wave function.

Tarot system

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