Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Lunar eclipse

The Full Moon of the 31st of January is simultaneously a SuperMoon, a Blue Moon and a total lunar eclipse (Blood Moon). As such it is a rare phenomenon: the last total lunar eclipse which also was a Blue moon, occurred more than 150 years ago, in late March 1866.

Lunar eclipse – special importance

Astrology pays special importance to eclipses. These energetically highly charged new moons or full moons are regarded as transformation points, directing our attention on the areas of life we need to change or evolve. Traditional Astrology (both Western and Vedic) considers them rather negative, as they often mark endings and forced changes beyond our control. As a matter of fact their „badness” or „goodness” depends not only on what it aspects in your birth chart or solar chart. Your level of awareness, your attitude, your choices made with your free will play a more significant role in the possible outcome.

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What is always true is that eclipses (especially the lunar eclipses) reveal something „hidden”, obscured, totally unseen before. These can be certain blind spots in your personality, your shadow parts or the hidden aspects of your relationships. Due to the opposition between the Sun and Moon, full moons and lunar eclipses always rise the question: how do you relate to other people ?

The current lunar eclipse occurs on the 11°37′ of the Leo. As such it is a midpoint of an eclipse series occuring on the Leo/Aquarius axis starting with the lunar eclipse of the 11th February 2017 and endig with the lunar eclipse on the 21th of January 2019. Eclipses occuring in the same signs are interrelated, marking a longer period of changes and adjustments on the areas of life they fall on your birthchart.

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse – Leo or Aquarius?

Depending on the individual, the tasks are different, as every birth chart is different. (Thus only and only an in -depth chart analysis will give relevant information about the nature of adjustments and transformations triggered by the eclipse series on your individual level. Don’t hesitate to contact me.)

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Generally speaking the events related to the current eclipse will direct our attention in one way or another on the analogies of the Leo and the Aquarius signs. These are two complementary and antagonistic archetypes. Leo is about the needs of the ego, the importance of creativity, self-expression, passion, leisures, hobbies in our lives. It also involves topics related to children, teachings, sports. Aquarius is about ideals, friends, supporters, social concerns, group activities.

The current eclipse may rise questions about how do we relate to power, authority (to our own and other’s), independence, freedom, authenticity ? When do we need to be team – players and when to follow our individual goals? Finding a healthy balance is essential, since the exaggerated egoism of the Leo can create tyrants both in our immediate environment and on a worldwide level, while the excessive willingness of cooperation of the Aquarius will let our partnerships define us, giving up our individual goals. This will  have especially difficult consequences. The distorted Aquarius – energy can manifest in eccentricism and antisocial attitude. As such it may create chaos, where nobody is in charge- thus it will totally block efficiency.

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