Use Pluto’s Retrograde Power to Your Advantage!

Pluto turns retrograde

Little Pluto turns retrograde (which means it appears to move backwards as observed from here on Earth) in Capricorn at 8:49 am EST on Thursday, April 20. For a dwarf planet on the outer edges of our solar system, Pluto can sure serve a big punch in your chart. While all signs feel the effects, the impact of the retrograde will be stronger if you an Aries, Cancer or Libra.

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Classified as a small dwarf, Pluto’s impact is no less than that of any of the other planets’! How can you use this energy to your best advantage? Accept and trust the process of change. It is inescapable, the change is going to happen anyway, so accepting it and flowing with the energy rather than fighting it is best. Signifying where circumstances are beyond control and inevitable, Pluto teaches you about the highs and lows through processes in life.


Named after the Roman God of the Underworld, Pluto rules of the side of things that tend to remain unseen and hidden. Your deepest motivations, parts of your psyche and personality that you are not happy with come into clear focus. One of the most important aspects of a Pluto retrograde is it gives you the opportunity to be completely honest with yourself about changes you may have avoided to make. Pluto’s reverse motion provides an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

From now until September 28, Pluto lends you a boost of deep-cleaning personal energy. Take time to look at the deeper matters and motivations that could have negative impacts on your body, mind and spirit. Is it time to let go of an old grievance and remove the negativity? Are you expecting too much of a sexual partner? Questions of self-reflection are especially timely and serve a great purpose.

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At times of deep reflections like this, remember Pluto’s capacity of rebirth. Be the Phoenix and arise from the self-analysis more beautiful and stronger than ever before. As with most things, “attitude is everything.” Retrogrades are a natural part of the astrological cycle and when approached with the right attitude they will allow you some of the best opportunities to find a better you.

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