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yearly money horoscope

Free Yearly Money Horoscope for 2018

Are you concerned if your plans for 2018 will be supported financially? Let us dissipate your uncertainty right now. All you will need to do to find answers to your questions is to read our Free Yearly Money Horoscope for 2018 below! Yearly money horoscope – ARIES This year we have a mix of the expected and the unexpected and fortunately in both cases, there is nothing but good news. Based on your yearly money horoscope what you can be sure of from the get go though is that this is going to be a BIG year for both income and money matters as a whole. The expected is on the financial front, for while 2018 is destined be a lucky year for money matters, with the potential for real financial growth, Jupiter has been in your financial sector since October 2017. This has given the planet of luck and expansion time to establish a foothold and with a lot of support in the closing months of 2017, to gain some momentum. You not only …

Capricorn new Moon

New Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn New Moon – fresh start The New Moon of the 16th of January occurs at the 26°54′ of Capricorn. This Capricorn new moon, – as new moons in general – marks the beginnings of a 28 day cycle and they are also favorable for fresh starts, especially on the areas of life where they fall on your chart. With a stellium in the sign ( Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Pluto) the current one can be considered the peak of the Capricorn season. Get a free trial for a psychic reading to get closer to the truth! Capricorn’s energy is heavy – especially along with Saturn, the Taskmaster in its home sign, and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. However, since Capricorn is one of the most realistic and goal oriented signs, the current new moon cícle can be a productive time, too. It offers an excellent opportunity to get finally serious, get things done and make something real ! The new moon also is an occasion to question your old habits, behaviours, attitudes, …

yearly business horoscope

Free Yearly Business Horoscope for 2018

How to plan your business in 2018? When is the appropriate time to start a new project? Find out right now what you can expect in this year based on your yearly business horoscope! Yearly business horoscope – ARIES You have always and will always start each year with the Sun in your career sector and this year this turns out to be a huge advantage as it shows in your yearly business horoscope. For with the solar spotlight on your career and professional situation, matters and options for the first three weeks of this incredible professional year, you’ll have your eyes open from the get go. Yet the Sun’s departure on the 20th January leaves you with a small snapshot of what not only this year is set to deliver, but the next three years. For as far as your professional game is concerned 2018, 2019 and 2020 are a package deal. It was on the 20th December, two days before the Sun’s return last year that everything changed, though in reality this is …

Yearly love horoscope

Free Yearly Love Horoscope for 2018

Find out right now what 2018 holds for you in the field of LOVE AND ROMANCE! Search for your yearly horoscope and read the messages of the stars to be prepared! Yearly Love horoscope – ARIES Based on your yearly love horoscope, there are two main features to 2018 when it comes to your love life and matters of the heart. One is what ‘is’ happening and the other is what ‘isn’t’ happening. What you leave behind in 2018 are the relationship challenges of the past few years, along with the heavy focus on your relationships. It is not just the 13 months that Jupiter spent in your relationship sector, from September 2016 to October 2017 that put so much focus on your relationships and it wasn’t the reason for the challenges. It was that this came during a period of finding your personal truth that created the tension. Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos only left your relationship sector in the final weeks of 2017, with 2018 having a very different feel from the get …

weekly love horoscope

Weekly Love Horoscope for 15th – 21st January, 2018

Choose your sign and enjoy your weekly love horoscope forecast Aries             Taurus            Gemini Cancer             Leo                   Virgo Libra         Scorpio        Sagittarius Capricorn        Aquarius        Pisces   Weekly love horoscope – Aries While this is a highly charged professional week, the love gods manage to work their way around this and in two different ways. The week is dominated by an alignment between the North Node and Ceres in your romantic sector, something that began last week and will run through until next week. By the time this peaks on Wednesday, you’ll have your clearest glimpse yet in to the forces behind a total lunar eclipse on the romantic front, later in the month. It is into this atmosphere that Venus, planet of love will return to a social and serendipitous part of your chart on Thursday. Here for just 24 days, Venus will trigger the laws of …

weekly horoscope

General Weekly Horoscope for 15th – 21st January, 2018

Choose your sign and enjoy your weekly horoscope forecast Aries             Taurus            Gemini Cancer             Leo                   Virgo Libra         Scorpio        Sagittarius Capricorn        Aquarius        Pisces   Weekly horoscope – Aries Dear Ram, this week sees some big planetary movements that affect the way that you set goals or reach out to others in your community. The life giving energy of the Sun, and the relationship consciousness of Venus, both land in your house of friends and networking during this time, making you aware of the needs of the greater community. Over the next 30 days you may find that your goals and aspirations become crystal clear, which is why you find it so easy to communicate them now. You are feeling stimulated and unconventional, but do be mindful of naughty Uranus, who will try to evoke your defiant side in the work place on Tuesday. There is a …

yearly horoscope

Free Yearly Horoscope for 2018

Will you eventually find your Love? Are you getting married this year? Is there any blockage, obstacle that you need to face this year? What are those celestial conjunctions shown in your yearly horoscope that will affect your career?  Look for your personal horoscope sign and find out what is in store for you this year! Yearly horoscope – ARIES The reality is that the New Year often brings a lot of hype that the year itself doesn’t deliver on. The holiday period is over, we get into the year proper and we find that once the glitter wears off we have the same old same old. Based on your yearly horoscope this is not the case this year, with 2018 not only very different to 2017 in almost every conceivable way, but instead of over promising and under delivering, it will under promise and over deliver. There are clues from the get go that this year will be very different, mainly because Jupiter and Saturn, the planets that are the engine driving any year, both …

Mercury dichotomy

Special event: Mercury at dichotomy on the 28th

Mercury dichotomy – halfway Mercury reaches the 15° of Sagittarius on the 28th of December . The planet of mental processes, communication, way of perception, travels turned direct on the 22nd of December and now it is halfway through the sign of the Archer. This is an important milestone, so before launching your new projects, dedicating yourself to new visions and ideals, it is time for a reality check. Mercury dichotomy gives you this opportunity. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! This won’t be easy, as the Mercury – Neptune square is still strong enough to alter your perception. While it stimulates imagination, generates vivid dreams, this aspect can temporarily blind you to the truth. (Considering that the sign of the Sagittarius is the sign of truth-seekers, this is quite a strange paradox.) Conspiracy theories, fantasies, wishful thinking may blur the facts, thus you may end up seeing and hearing only what you want. Still, if you make efforts to handle this challenge you will find …

Sun Mercury conjunction

What’s on the sky today?

Sun Mercury conjunction On the 13th of December Sun Mercury conjunction happens on the 21°of Sagittarius. Mercury is the planet governing our intellect, minds, our way of learning and communication. The Sun is associated with the self and its expression, our conscious ego, vitality and our creative force. The meetings between the two planets stimulate mental activity, they are favorable for discussions and debates, getting a more comprehensive insight, meeting new people, travelling. Looking for an answer? Look up a psychic today and get the support you need! However  if you want to make the most of this transit you need to take in consideration the following facts: Mercury is in detriment in Sagittarius and also is in its retrograde phase. The exact conjunctions between Sun and Mercury mean that Sun „combusts” Mercury. Thus your capacity for reason may be diminished by the powerful rays of the Sun. This is a very important point because in the sign of the Archer, the logical, analytical Mercury is  overwhelmed by ideals, ideologies and beliefs. While this position …

Moon Eris conjunction

Special event: Be prepared for Moon Eris conjunction

Moon Eris conjunction – new approaches The Moon Eris conjunction of 29th November between the hypersensitive Moon, discontented Eris and the unpredictable Uranus in the sign of the adrenaline junkie Aries is a wild card. At its best the stress and volatility indicated by this transit will promote self assertive attitude and new approach allowing you to face succesfully the challenges. This will bring positive changes in your life. The dwarf planet Eris was discovered in 2005. Initially it was named Xena, after the popular TV -hero, the warrior princess. Its name was changed later changed to Eris (Discordia). The daughter of Nyx, the godess of the dark night and the sister of the warrior god Mars was the godess of discord and strife in Greco – Roman mythology. As such she was equally unpopular among gods and humans. The attempt to ignore her lead ultimately to the Trojan War. Stop overthinking – give your unconscious a chance! Chat with a psychic! However Eris belongs to the powerful archetype of the warrior godesses and represents …