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Oranum is happy to present the Dreams Section on Oranum Blog! So if you need a dream interpretation or information about what is going to happen to you, check your zodiac sign now!

Do you want to see clearly? Are you ready to face the truth? Your dreams are unique as you are a unique individual. However, there are many dreams which can be interpreted in the same way and can give valuable information about your mental and psychical state.

Did you know that a dream dictionary can actually give you a dream meaning you’ve always been interested in?

If you believe in the magical power of the tarot card, ask for a free tarot card reading; get a free psychic reading using a dream dictionary if you dreamt about something you can’t really interpret, all free of charge before you sign up to the best hub of psychic experts,!

The Real Dream Dictionary – Basic symbols

Have you ever dreamed about flying or falling? What about losing a teeth or showing up to work or school naked? Not to mention test-taking, meeting a celebrity, driving an out-of control vehicle… Find out the true meaning of your one-time dream or reoccurring dreams! presents you The Real Dream Dictionary – Find out the True meaning of your Dreams! Dream Dictionary – Everyone has Dreams Dreaming is something that all humans, and most animals, do. Dreaming is mostly done when we sleep, but some people can dream while they are awake as well. Dreams can happen when your eyes are closed and sometimes even when you are in a darkness with your eyes open. “I was asked to join ORANUM before the website went live so that I was here from the first day.  I feel grateful to present you Today the Basic Dream Dictionary that you can use every day. You can find me online each day, feel free to contact me for a Dream Analysis, Meaning of Dreams, when you need a detailed Dream Interpretation or …

The Difference between a Ghost and a Spirit

When Someone Dies   Among the psychic community in general and on, it is believed that our spirits returns back to source energy (where our spirits come from) and when we die, our identity is shed like skin. However, if there is enough focused energy given to our earth/human identity from our spirits or from other people, it can stay behind and not fully dissolve. This skin is what people call a ghost. Get a free trial for a PSYCHIC READING to get closer to the truth! Energy and Consciousness   When our spirits inhabit our human shells, we are essentially made up of energy that is able to create our thoughts. All thoughts are eternal and exist through energy. If energy is left behind in our human self-concept (earth identity), a ghost is created and an imprint of that lifespan is left behind. And if your perception or energy vibration allows it, you can see and/or feel different energy fields and their vibrations. Everything is made up of energy! “Concerning matter, we have been all …