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The Story of the Rose Moon: Sweet Release

We’ve been waiting all month for this day and now that the Full Rose Moon has arrived, a celebration is in order! How will you find peace within all of the things that you choose to release today? Meditating is usually a good place to start. We released a special Rose Moon mediation on our blog just for this purpose. Start there 😉 Click here to read:

The Story of the Rose Moon: Waiting

As the days grow longer, our anticipation for the “release” which the Full Moon brings grows stronger… As you patiently hold your breath in it’s shadow, what blockages are you most anxious to release? What do you most desire to “let go” of? The next video in our Rose Moon series releases on June 20th – on the day of the Full Moon! Not much longer now… Ask an Oranum psychic what “releases” the Rose Moon may hold for you! Visit

The Story of the Rose Moon: Ebb and Flow

As the Rose Moon moves closer, we are all draped under the cover of it’s magnetic pull… What does this “tide” time period signal for you? Are you on the ebb or the flow? The next video in our Rose Moon series releases next Wednesday… Ask an Oranum psychic for clues if you can’t stand the wait 😉 Visit