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The Story of the Rose Moon: And So It Begins

Known to most of the world as the “Rose” or “Strawberry” Moon, June’s Full Moon brings an aura of enchantment, intrigue, mystery and sultry, summer emotions… Each week, we will release a new video bringing you closer to the true meaning of the Rose Moon (which will culminate on June 20th), and what it holds in store. The next video releases next Wednesday… Ask an Oranum psychic for clues if you just can’t stand the wait 😉 Visit

4-7-8 Breathing Technique

In our current digital climate of data overload, it can sometimes be tough to juggle all of our obligations and commitments – and not feel exhausted. Stress reduction techniques are essential to maintaining a balanced life and good health, and in this video, Oranum psychic Alycia Rose teaches a simple 4-7-8 breathing technique which can be incorporated into your daily life. If you like this video, be sure to catch Alycia Rose broadcasting LIVE on Oranum every Wednesday from 3-6pm PDT! Find her at!

Release of Pain Spell

Heartbreak, anguish and pain are some of the most devastating and depressing emotions one can ever experience. Though there is the age-old adage, “time heals all wounds,” for the person suffering heartache, the post-healing period never seems to come fast enough. So what can you do to speed up your heart’s recovery? Try this special “pain-releasing” spell created by Oranum spiritual expert, Alycia Rose. In this video, Alycia explains how you can use the rain to heal yourself via a magickal ritual. P.S. If you like this video, be sure to catch Alycia Rose broadcasting LIVE on every Wednesday from 3-6pm PDT! Find her at

Introduction to Runes – Part 1

We’re very pleased to launch the first video from our new Content Contributor series! Have you ever been curious about Runes and how to use them? Runes, which were used to write Germanic languages before the adoption of the Latin alphabet come in a set of 24 ancient symbols and are used as tools of divination. Oranum psychic Dr. Nikki will be doing a 4-video series on how to use Runes, and we will release a new video each week! P.S. Be sure to also catch Dr. Nikki broadcasting LIVE on every Sunday at 5pm PDT! Find her at Username: LoveDr.Nikki