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How to embrace your fears?

Do you have fears?

I think I know the answer. Naturally we all have had or will have fears at some points in our own lives. In order to get rid of your fears you must change the way you think, because the way we think is the exact method how we co-create certain things in our lives.

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For example if you are a person who always harbors negative thoughts, you will always be surrounded by negative energy, but if you are a person who thinks positive in general, you will attract positive circumstances and people. Everyone will be more drawn to you.

We must learn to embrace our fears, and letting go all the pain from the past.

Whatever you have been through in the past you need to let go! When you are over that, your energy won’t be wasted on the past, but will stay in the everlasting NOW.

Do not focus on tomorrow or yesterday, simply try as hard as you can to face and fight your fears.

A very easy and good practice for this purpose is if you challenge yourself.

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Do one thing a day that you hate, you are afraid of; for example deliver a public speech, speak in front of people. When you start feeling more comfortable you can start practicing in front of small groups (asking your family members to act as the „audience” in the beginning is a good idea) and work your way up to a bigger group, and so on.


So many of us have fears, but if we do not learn how to embrace them, they can even eat us alive.

Fear and negative thoughts can result in anxiety and tension, therefore we have to strive to be able to avoid living our lives controlled by our fears.

In order to be able to let your fears go, write down all your fears on a piece of paper. Include everything that bothers you and then burn them all (the written list, of course) and thus send them out to the universe. Let them go, do not hold back. You can do it in one session, or you can do it step by step, burning one fear after another. Remember that whatever practice you think suits you best, you are not alone, you can reach out to me any time for additional help.

Letting your fears go will make your energy and life force much stronger.

Whenever you feel stressed or influenced by fear just hug yourself – this will indicate loving yourself more. You may be embarrased to think about it or thinking of being seen by other people, in the middle of the process of hugging yourself, but you should approach this with a more open mindset. J

Have your own goals, set the bar high and know that you are a wonderful human being. Embracing the past, even if it may not have completely been what you wanted, will help you clear blockages in your energy system.

I am sure all of you want to be the best you can be and on this journey it is very important to face our fears and learn let them (and everything else that does not serve you anymore) go. I can always help you if you need more assistance on the way.

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