About meditation and a short guide to meditation

meditation guide

Meditation guide – mental practices

Meditation refers to a whole variety of mental practices designed to promote relaxation, the building of a superior inner life force and the development of compassion, love, patience, generosity, and forgiveness. My meditation guide will help you to successfully combat the harmful effects of everyday stress and induce a state of inner peace. The advantages of this relaxation technique are that no special equipment is required and it can be put into practice anywhere, including during a walk in the park.

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Nowadays, meditation is not so much associated with paranormal activities, but rather being used to relax and mitigate the effects of stress in modern life. The main benefit of meditation is that it offers you a state of calmness, peace and balance, all essential ingredients for iron health.

meditation guide

There are several meditation techniques. Personally, I learned an old technique from my mother, I can quickly describe it to you in just a few words. First of all, sit or lay down comfortably in a quiet room. Close your eyes. Start by relaxing the muscles of your legs, continue by relaxing all of the muscles in your body up to your forehead and the muscles on the top of your head. Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths and try to free your mind of anything that is bothering you. Count how many times you breathe in, saying the numbers out loud every time you exhale. Continue this exercise for 10-20 minutes.

Meditation guide – stay focused

It is very important to direct your attention to your breathing. In general, this involves a complete meditation session, but I got so used to doing it that it only takes a few of my little secret mantras for a better relaxation. Regardless of the meditation technique chosen, it is important to keep your attention focused on maximum parameters. If external stimuli or thoughts begin to occupy your mind, clear your mind immediately and return to the direction you initially decided to focus on.

meditation guide

As a closure to this small piece, let me invite you to try a meditation session with me. I’m sure you’ll feel more relaxed afterwards.

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