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Bring Back Lost Love – Candle ritual series V.

Now that your candles are dressed up, cleaned and you are sure you have the appropriate color and shape chosen for real candle rituals it is time to get familiar with the process of a widely used and very effective ceremony.

All you need are the following:

1 Virgin Red 8″ Taper Candle (with appr. 7 hours of burning time)
1 Nail – Virgin Olive Oil or Rose oil
Dried, crushed basil or ground ginger
7 red top straight pins or 7 red rose thorns

Cleanse the candle with cool water with the intention to get rid it of any impurities it absorbed on its journey to you. The same effect can be accomplished by bathing it in the smoke of sage.

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Inscribe your love’s name lengthwise onto the candle with the nail. Make sure the inscription starts about an inch away from the bottom of the candle.

Drip oil on the candle inscription from top to bottom, but never the opposite direction. The purpose of this specific motion is that it will draw your significant other to you. If you go the other direction, it will repel their affection. Then roll the candle into the dried basil.

Candle rituals

Continue the ritual by placing the candle firmly in its holder and insert the straight pins/thorns into the letters of the name you have inscribed into the candle. Clear your mind and focus on your intention as you do this.

Candle rituals – next up, light the candle.

While doing this, say these words 3 times:

“Powers of the Universe
please bring (lover’s name) back to me
This is my will
So Mote It Be.”

As the candle burns down, the straight pins/thorns will fall down as well. As each one falls, it signifies the thoughts of your loved one having positive thoughts about you and experiencing an intense craving to be with you.

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candle rituals

Remember, we cannot make someone to love us, we can only enhance what is already there. So if your love still has love for you, it will work.

During the time the candle burns down, simply relax and think of all the wonderful times the two of you have had together, and all the ones you wish to experience in the future. Note that this is a very important part of candle rituals too.

Remember never to leave your candles unattended!

candle rituals

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