International Women’s Day

Women's Day

Women’s Day – appreciation

International women’s day is upon us once again. Time to appreciate the women in our lives. To be aware of all they do to give us life.

Spiritually speaking, International women’s day reminds us to respect. When we take a moment  to go within and reflect on the value of women it gives us an opportunity for a moment of meditation, to feel and remember to open up to the love, the tenderness and the passion that is femininity.

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When we respect and honor women and The Feminine we respect the softness within ourselves  the ability to receive and the ability to be vulnerable. These are great aspects of our Human Experience.

The feminine is often misunderstood and feared. It is most powerful in a very subtle way. The feminine sometimes means to be patient. To keep a clear idea in mind and patiently wait for it to materialize. It can also mean to create more by efforting less. To convince less and have faith and allow things to grow at their own pace.

Women's Day

Women’s Day – give thanks

Embracing the feminine on this very special day, at this very special time of year when there is renewal and springtime everywhere, we have the golden opportunity to bless our beautiful mother earth with loving gratitude . To ponder love, to give love and to share loving ideas only creates More Love within our own lives personally and in  the world around us, externally.

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Let’s take a moment now to sit with good posture, to breathe in deeply. To feel the breath go Within to the very center at the bottom of the lungs. Then to release the breath and open the mind.

Feel the crown that is the third eye in the middle of the forehead. Feel this crown expand. A ring of energy flowing out into the universe. Connecting our feeling spirit with God force, all that is. Breathe in deeply once again, slowly release the breath. Feel yourself in the presence of the greatness that is our mother earth and father sky. How blessed we are to have been born. Thank you to all the mothers and women everywhere!

Women's Day

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