Love expands freedom


Freedom – stop the storm

Love expands freedom. Authentic love helps the other to evolve, to overcome their limits, to enrich their experience, and to know themselves in depth. True love does not limit, does not put barriers, and does not create prisons. Unconditional love is a great power! Love is the fragrance of your being. If you feel that you have failed in love, please, do not blame love itself. Be as lucid as you can and see what your responsibility is. Perhaps you had some expectations or certain claims, requests you never expressed.

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In some relationships, the arguing always start from the same partner. The other is the one who manages to stop the storm. It is possible for both of them to have problems expressing their feelings, but together they are able to make sure each other is okay.

Sometimes it’s good to let go of yourself and accept certain things from your partner, just to make the relationship work. But there are some issues that you do not have to give up, whatever it is. Here are five things that you should not give up for the sake of a relationship: family, friends, career, self-confidence, and your level of comfort.


Freedom – happy relationship

No matter how long you live together, do not give up romantic encounters. The best signs of a happy relationship are those special moments you spend together in privacy while dining at a restaurant, walking in the park, talking, laughing, holding your hand or sharing your feelings.

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If you want to receive, you have to give first. There is no place for selfishness in a relationship, so you must always be willing to offer without expecting anything in return. Also, you only need a few seconds to start the day with a smile on your lips. Embrace, kiss, and show him you care about him as often as you can. Love is wonderful, so you should live it all.

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