Lessons in Love

Love lessons – wrong pattern?

The way our heart develops is like any other organ, if it does not receive enough of the necessary things needed in order to make it grow, it will have difficulty coping with things associated with love. These love lessons, examples are normally shown by our parents, but what if the parents are dysfunctional? What if the parents are separated and far too full of their own emotional problems? What if the child is adopted and moved along through various houses of support, but never get to see real love.

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People like this often watch romantic movies as children and some right into adult life. They take their examples of love, or what love should be like from books and stories with strong hero and heroine characters. This is great for amusement, but when it comes to real life, movies do not give not give a realistic view of life and its pitfalls. Romance can sweep a person along, but what if you do not know the difference between flirting glances and genuine deep emotional connections? You could find yourself falling in love with someone who is just playing the field. All through history names for people who do this are listed like philanderer, or a casanova, but a player is a more modern term. They all mean the same thing, a person who is experiencing all aspects of love and is not afraid to include sexual adventures upon their list. In modern day times ladies are also included with names like gold digger and temptress, which can conjure up all types provocative undertones.

love lessons

Love lessons – Be wise!

These words all have deception lurking somewhere, a snare or a trap for all hearts who are less than wise. Identifying if you have a very well developed heart and are wise around your emotions, or maybe a person who is more likely to fall into a trap, is key to your own progression.

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Some people play games in love and have many partners, so a naive person could quite easily be added to a player’s list and get played with, so to speak. It does not mean, that there is no true love out there in the big wide world, but it does mean, that not all people are carrying a perfect idea in their heads of love and  romance. It is a good idea, when you feel those first pangs of emotion, to check, if their ideals are the same as yours. The silence between lovers, when they first meet could also be classed, as a hidden agenda, or a game of deception. Communication is the best way to identify, what is lurking beneath soft cool looks and pleasant smiles? Most situations can be undramatized and give those with less educated hearts, a chance to check for clarity. If in doubt, ask me; I am an expert, who deals with people and their relationships daily.

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