The Mysteries of Love

Love mysteries

Love mysteries – unknown depths

When two people meet, whether by accident or introduced on a social circuit, you never quite know the full background of a person. Arranged marriages for instance can lead both people down a sad and lonely path. But it is not just arranged marriages, that have hidden unknown depths and who is to say these depths will all be dark, as they could be part of love mysteries too. In the western world, there are still people bumping into people drinking, talking, and getting to know one another on a daily basis. To really know a person is to become their partner or lover.

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When you first see a person, it might be a pheromonal reaction, that pulls you together, like bees sensing flowers in the dawn breeze. The timing and the sudden change of routine suddenly puts another person upon your life path. Some say, people thinking and feeling the same will meet, even if it is just for a second. Desire can be a strange creature and looking into another’s eyes for too long can sometimes stir up more than passion.

Love mysteries

The gentleman that broke your heart because he died at war in the first three months of your marriage; the promises to love again, sometime, somewhere no matter what. So love seeks to make us cross paths, as the lady that lied about you and caused your wrongful arrest, will work for you in your next life and so on. Beliefs can of course cross boundaries when love is at stake. Even when a new partner scratches the surface of your own belief system, it might be worthwhile to take a look at why cold shivers run down your back.

Love mysteries – valued lessons

People can go through terrible ordeals and just continue taking valued lessons with them on their life journey. I personally do not think that all things are lessons and some negative energies are in front of you to remind you of comparisons. To show you that you are more developed and softer by nature. Then think of innocence and protective qualities can spring forward.

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Two people can be one half of the same object, but in an emotional sense. There will always be the opposites in the world, so just in case  you do get a relationship wrong, know that there are others, who make it their job to put things right. Helping you stand back up and walk if love did not work out quite as you dreamed it would.

Life is for the living and love can be found in many things. So don’t punish yourself if things did not work out this time. There are others just waiting to meet you and share their experiences of love and life. Be courageous and put on a brave face, let the new day wash away your pain.

Love mysteries

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